2 Way Flowering



Is a developed choreography that is unique to Spiderflower, and is - beleive it or not - something that is easy and comes naturally once a dancer has found good grounding.


The body has the ability to find allies and anchors in the natural world, as it moves, Spiderflower pays attention to, engages with and weaves between inner and outer worlds simultaneously. As the dance creates and develops relationship in the natural realm, it delivers a powerful level of nurture back home to the body.


The body gives back of itself, nourishing the source it lives and breaths from - and so creates a cycle of breathing and exchange.  


From the without to the within.  From the within to the without.  This choreography is one of great beauty.  It at once empowers the dancer - at the same time as the natural world.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful


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