This page is dedicated to honouring what has been an amazing journey as Spiderflower celebrates the milestone of turning 20.

Spiderflower's actual birthday sits over Samhain 1998 to January 1999, and was established with the sole intent to flower the phenomenal relationship between earth and body. 


Immense ground has been covered during this time, valuable findings contribute to a comprehensive body of work, yet the critical juncture we have arrived at as a global community with regard to climate change weighs heavy in this moment.


Looking back, I had every faith two decades ago that significant steps would have been taken by the world's corporations and governments to counteract climate change. This is not the case, we are in a crisis of global proportion and there is still much work to do.

Taking this into consideration, events have been scaled back for most of 2019 / 2020 to make space for an important period of consolidation through writing and film-making in order to make Spiderflower's findings readily available to a wider audience, whilst taking first steps to establish The Centre for Earth-Engaged Performance Research with focus on performance. More on this later...   

For now, the tribute below takes a look back over 20 years of hard graft, development and adventure, alongside celebrating some very special people and places - who have all made Spiderflower what it is today.


1999 - 2019



First Theatre

First Dances

The Cabot Centre - Kings Cross

Spiderflower 1999

Avebury + Woman


Babu Gaia!

Sweden + The Flower Drum


The Centre for Earth-Engaged Performance Research


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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