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Between November 2020 - January 2021, and June - August 2021 Spiderflower ran two Crowdfunding campaigns, which went on to raise £3,877 together. 


Along with additional offline funding from Patronage, match-funding from Creative Cornwall Calling and Cornwall Council and a further grant from The Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust - Spiderflower has raised £9,577 in total to support this current cycle of research and development for A PECULIAR SHADE OF BLUE.

With your support, Spiderflower has : 


  • Completed a full year cycle of R+D (research + development) for A PECULIAR SHADE OF BLUE, 6 short films (or stanzas) now rest  in draft, ready to move into a final cycle of production. 

  • A private FILM-SHARE of the full arc of films will show for existing supporters and potential funders interested in supporting production on 19th March, 2022 at CAST in Cornwall. 

A huge THANK YOU to all of those who have supported us so far.

Spiderflower's CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN will be drawing to a close on 1st March, 2022 as R+D completes, just ahead of the FILM-SHARE.


To follow the projects progress into production -

please link into our dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP.

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