The Huntress, The Lover & The Flower Drum

Beltane Dance


May 2017 / (Past - 2012)

 Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May


'Mine is a heart of cornel, the gnarled roots of a dogwood and the bursting of flowers.'

Awakening Osiris.  Normandi Eliis.



The Huntress, The Lover & The Flower Drum turns on the wheel of the year to dance into the heart for the tide of Beltane (May 1st).  The dance explores how the nature of sensuality, love, passion and sexual energy figure inside the dynamics of creation and the now, flowering dream.


We greet the Lover as we enter the grace of union, blossoming love, and spaces of nectar-filled beauty.  And yet, the Huntress carries the bow of the dark crescent in the nearly full moon on her back.  She stands beside the Love as an unexpected and powerful ally.  This block looks to how the Huntress plays a critical role in relation to the Lover - and indeed her flowering vision.  


The Huntress protects that which she loves, understanding wholly the laws and dynamics of life and death - her sharp skills and instinct bring edges of realism to the giddy and ecstatic heights the lover may ascend to.  Their relationship is a co-creative one, which keeps in balance both the dark side and the light side of love.


We look back over our shoulder to the Maiden, as we have stepped on from February’s gateway of maiden, menarche, seed and dream in DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON - the Lover's expression is rooted here.  


So often, women at menarche are not taught that the skills the Huntress offers are essential (or socially acceptable) to have.   And yet, it is through these that the Lover may remain rooted and so can flower more so. 


Avebury holds the shape and meaning of the dance within in her architecture.  This time, we work closely with the choreography of AVEBURY HENGE, tracking the journey as it flows out of THE SANCTUARY, along THE BRIDESTONES and into the HENGE itself.   


In the dance that exists between Huntress & lover - The Flowr Drum rocks in time with the spirit drum that beats in the chest, the land and beyond.  Its purpose to weave the rhythms found within the language of the heart as it flowers inside the dream. 




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