With practice, the dancer begins to embody that which gives life.  Here lives the beginning of an often profound relationship with the natural world.


To observe the dance - as audience, the majesty of a dancer embodying creative forces that go beyond the self can be exquisite to witness.


For the dancer, there is a strong internal process along the way.  This belongs to the journey of finding true relationship between body and earth.  


That marriage is the edge of Spiderflower's medicine as we are concerned with that expression being embodied to a level where the dancer can be of service to their audience and so quite literally communicate the energy, elloquence and beauty of that which they dance as a tangible form.


The dance gives space to what a dancer may experience as divine or holy.  In their own language and in their own right.  As audience, we will also experience as so.


It is important to say that this is an integral part of the dance.  Spiderflower can certainly be ecstatic dance, and does belong to that genre - but it is important to understand the core focus is broader and encompasses more than this as we are concerned with the dynamics of creation in their entirety, whilst advanced work seeks to deliver a creative response to the state of the world.  


We do not give the spiritual aspect sole focus, nor do we limit the space.


Spiderflower teaches us to embody.  To embody we must remain rooted in the physical body - and - in the physical world around us, which ultimately carries and expresses that which we understand as divine.  


We find the holy within the substance of things.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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