Oakridge Lynch, Nr Stroud, Glos. UK

with Rowan Jacqueline


What is our new story and how can we help that emerge in each of us,

within our communities and for the Earth? 



From the original EPONA'S GIFT, held between Rowan Jacqueline and Polly Higgins at Hawkwood College during May 2015, springs a cycle of Day Dances to act as a continuum of this initial impulse.


Dances move in step and in time with the earth year.  As they work to realign the body's relationship with the natural rhythm and seasons of the earth, each session will hold a unique perspective.  


This is an exploration, holding the original focus of Epona’s Gift we work with intent to really open up the floor around money to see what is there, whilst at the same time continue our work to seed sacred economics into our lives and the world about us.  


This is a voyage into unknown territory, where we must go if we are to rewrite a new story, not only around our dance with money, but the fundamental nature of our relationship with exchange, each other and indeed the earth. 


Spiderflower's dynamic dance, coupled with earthwork and direct contact with nature work to journey into and beyond that story.  As that story rests deep in the fibre of our being the dance opens the space to transform vital issues on a personal, cultural, ancestral and environmental level.


Dances are dedicate to promoting a deep and ongoing enquiry into the very nature of money, what it is and how it effects the expression and development of us as creative, gifted beings at an innate level - and from this place do so shape the world.  


They aim to make transparent each dancers individual choreography, to include the relationship between money, body, the unique gifts we carry and our internal landscape.  It is a choreography that is complex and multi-dimensional, one that we are born into and raised through.  Yet, who are we really within this?  What truly is our potential?


Beneath the initial choreography most visible in life where inherited and ancestral patterns

inform how that dance is for us; each of us carry a unique gift to life.  


This is a dance of birth, of freedom, and a collective enquiry into re-writing new ways.





Final Day Dance - falls on a Sunday and runs from 10 am - 4 pm


Samhain: Between Flesh, Soil & Seeds of Evolution -  Sunday November 8th 


Please note:  The Samhain dance is the final open dance in the Stroud area.  Dances are due to move into a focused, ongoing group where findings will move toward consolidation through an arts project.  If you would like to be part of that ongoing group please email TBA.


This work is offered in the spirit of the gift. It is a Gift Economy Workshop and as such is not part of the normal fee structure; there is no set price placed on any dance.  You are invited to gift from the heart at the end of the day. 


Dancers please book through Tattered Butterfly Arts.

All new dancers, please register prior to the event by completing the online form below.

Any questions please ring +44 (0) 7967 430303 or email Tattered Butterfly Arts.


There is now a dedicated website and blog created specifically for this body of work

visit: https://eponasgift.wordpress.com













Epona:  Epona is the Celtic Horse Goddess worshipped by the Gauls (the Celtic French).  Her worship spread to Britain and Rome from Western Europe.  Although few stories of her have survived, images often show her either riding a white horse or standing between two horses.  Many images show her feeding mares and foals from a cornucopia or a basket of fruit. Her connection to movement, fertility and abundance inspire our work.



Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

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