The Gesture


Once a dancer is at home in the world of the impulse, the language of gesture comes naturally from deep within the being.  


Gestural work makes Spiderflower unique as a dance form, and many years have been devoted to researching and developing this area. 


Gesture is where the soul is able to find a clear channel and can communicate very, very clearly in a physical way through the body to the external world. 


Gesture is also archaic.  Rooted in the bone, its ancient language has tumbled through generation to generation to generation and is perhaps as old as the stars.  


It speaks a universally, its beauty profound as amougst human beings, its physical expression is the one thing that in an instant, cuts across the boundaries and separation that speech and culture create in people - to stand transparent and is understood immediately.  


Gestures is then, the great connector.  It is a language that speaks directly to and directly from the soul. 




Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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