A sequence of 7 short films carry intent to chart a spacious

 and rhythmic journey through the nature of grief .

The films work in isolation, yet together they combine as a complete experience.  


The films carry intent to open out the language of grief as an essential and natural part of the human experience. To gently dissolve the taboo around its expression, to understand better its nature in the role of renewal.


In these changing times, the language of grief is something that we have to learn to give to.  As a species, the layers we face are many.

soften the human spirit into the earth - before it is gone / too late.


As the human form moves within and against nature, the landscape casts a stark mirror up to the intimate, yet forgotten connection between human and earth and the times we are in.  Reflecting the nature of our nature.

Earth-engaged dance movement, accompanied by art and the written word combine to create a structure to allow the audience to find a personal journey within what can often be a complex and long journey.

In the cycle of grief asks that we give to something greater than ourselves, the nature of love bends and stretches us in its sometimes unforgiving hands rough hands, smooth, soft - through grief we are shaped like diamonds and returned a new to what we love, to connect to breathe.


If ever there was a time, where we need to do this it is now.  Grief is something that is often taboo -in the west - but its language is essential part of human nature to connect to love.  The projects intent is to open out the language of grief, make it more acceptable - to be more accepting.  and change the way we allow our selves to grieve together or apart.

Times we are in.   Journey the audience - to invite them into the exploration and process of discovery. 


Throws up mirrors of inter-connection between human and the earth we are about to / in danger of loosing.

Crisis of connection / disconnection - vital. // Inevitable separation.

Grief as hallowed.  

Shot on location in Cornwall, UK.

Rowan Jacqueline - debut as solo performer

Conceived during lockdown.

Asks questions:  when we open out the nature of grief.  where in the bodily fluid department is it so unacceptable /  why are there so many bodily fluids involved. when we all grief to flow, what actually happens and where does it take us?  Why is it so important to express?  What is the dialogue and connection between body and earth.







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