The Maiden: Dreaming with the Eyelash Moon

Imbolc Dance


February 2016 / (Past - 2011)

Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February


'I am love hidden in a shy maiden's gown.  I am the name of things.  

I am the dream changing before your eyes.'

Awakening Osiris.  Normandi Eliis.




The seed of vision dreams quietly in the belly.  

It is an incredible thing.  

Our gift to life.  


As daughters, we walk between Mother the Earth and Grandmother the Moon.  They are, and can be mid-wives for us; ever present, ever changing to us, ever supporting - so long as we make that connection.  


Working with this understanding, DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON took place beneath the delicious eyelash moon of Imbolc 2011 to begin the spiral for The Avebury Cycle.  This dance will repeat again in February 2015.  





DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON dances on the tide of Imbolc (Feb 1st) as the celtic earth year celebrates the first crack of light through the dark curtain of winter.  In essence, our work pays homage to the difficulty and joys, perils and exhilaration belonging to the journey that is involved with conceiving, gestating and holding the vision.  


DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON marks a time of birth and beginnings.  Tiny shoots reappear throughout a stark landscape, the first stirrings of new life are with us.  


For the earth cycle, we take inspiration (and courage) from the parallel dances found in the natural world.  In the dark, the sleeping, dreaming seed stirs as the warmth of the sun penetrates the frozen soil.  It is time.  It cracks its shell.  Undergoing an incredible transformation, its identity changes from everything it has known itself to be.  To root.  To shoot.  It reaches for light.  This is a journey of immense vulnerability.  Yet, that seed possesses incredible instinct.  Enough to propel it through darkness and uncertainty, it already holds everything it will become - and it makes the journey.  


Within this metaphor, we look closely to the role of dreaming, the roots and nature of vision and the personal choreography we each hold in this place. 


Other beginnings within body and life also play mid-wife.  As a seed needs to root in good soil to grow, so does dreaming need to find good root in life, indeed, the body - for it is the body that will translate the dream's substance into the world. 


This is then our Maidenhood.  At menarche, there is a key moment, where we as women - biologically  - opened into and entered the dance of creation.  With our first blood comes the ability to create life.  Within this intensely personal journey is a deep, deep pool that holds our connective choreography. This means, how we dance with life. 


This work honours entirely the importance of that life rite of passage.  So many women in western culture - never - had any form of honouring or ceremony around their menarche.  DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON is an opportunity to revisit that point in time.  To reweave those threads, strengthen them, to make good the root and dance in those very important connections - that will - nurture, sustain and support the kernel of deliciousness we each hold. 


To go deeper on this visit the article:  'THE MAIDEN: DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON'.


Avebury holds this work beautifully.  Her ancient landscape and architecture offer places of reflection that lend a profound level of understanding to the work in hand.  On the land, DREAMING WITH THE EYELASH MOON sees us spending time with Swallowhead Spring (see GALLERY), going on to the THE SANCTUARY to follow THE BRIDESTONES as an ancient processional route. 


In the dance, we move through Spiderflower's techniques.  Dancing hard to the beat, we work with a high degree of focus.  Complex and beautiful, the dance weaves many layers to nurture, hold and encourage the seed of dream in the belly make the journey into life.


This is a dance of emergence

of newness 

and of birth. 





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