Improvisation (impro) is the basis for Spiderflower as a dance form and offers a great degree of freedom.   


Impro - means the dance is your own, it happens as it happens, there are no steps to learn or imposed choreography to follow.  


Impro is about being present, in totality, in the now, allowing the dance to unfold from within as the dancer listens to the body, its tempo and its rhythm.  It is an exciting form of release and discovery.


However, there is a discipline that is important to impro in terms of approach.  Specific techniques support a dancer in improvised space to assist expression and the dance to open.  


It is a trait of Spiderflower to work with both internal and external worlds as the same time.


Improvisation, the soft, vulnerable core of the dance is held within strong, firm external structures within the medicine wheels belonging to Spiderflower.   


The wheels provide a map that is at once very deep and beautifully balanced in its choreography, citing particular areas of focus that are important to embody in its practice - it acts as a system in its totality.


As a dancer is held firmly by clear structure yet allowed total freedom.  This enables them to move into and explore their uniqueness in body far more deeply than if concentrating on 'dance moves' alone.  Hence, we have free flow within strong form.


Both improvisation and structure are integral to each other.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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