The Impulse



Every day, millions of impulses run through our body.  As they travel, they create our internal landscape, their language makes up the communion, or conversation we hold with the self.  


How the body eventually translates this language through speech or in action into the world - makes up who we are, what we do, how we do it and in turn, day by day, makes the life - that is ours.


Impulse work is an incredibly important corner stone to Spiderflower, and on its own is a real transformer. Spiderflower is interested in how internal impulses cross connect between different 'countries' within the being - between mind, emotion, the physical, sensation and the soul.


In a split second, a single impluse travels a vast and somewhat profound journey.  We conduct billions of them over a life time.


Western culture is fantastic at desensitizing us.  Our impulses can become flattened and over time we become numb, disconnected and supressed, loosing the ability to register the important signals rising from our internal landscape.


Acting as foundation, Impulse work is a fundamental starting point within Spiderflower.  A good proportion of time is devoted to learning to listen to, connect with, experience, then explore the impulse as it dances through the system.


Dancers often go through a powerful connective process, as they deepen into their internal rhythms.  The body is our instrument, it is vital that our system is at peace with itself and can converse fluidly within its own realm.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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