Between The Weaver, The Corn & Creation

Lughnasadh Dance


August 2018 / (Past 2013)

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August 


'I read the book of river.  I hold the magic of stones and trees.

I am my delight.  Creator of my destiny.'

Awakening Osiris.  Normandi Ellis.



BETWEEN THE WEAVER, THE CORN & CREATION dances in time with tide of Lughnasadh (August 1st).  Avebury is awash with gold as the corn fields ripen, and here we take an intensive in how the dream fruits and finds form in the physical world.


We are the weavers of our life.  The world we live in our loom.  Through the soul we draw upon a multitude of colourful threads with which to weave our design.  Through the being, the heart and the physical vehicle of the body they come.    


From Lover we move onto the Creator.   


Looking to most profound expression of woman as creator, we arrive on the great, pregnant belly of the Mother.  Avebury echoes her beauty within its own physique, and here we stay close to the mother that is Silbury Hill.


If we are mothers, we have the opportunity to honour that.  Yet, not all of us are mothers, for some of us this is a grief.  For some of us this is yet to come.  For some of us this is passed.  For some of us it was never an option.  For some of us it is a choice.  It is important to remember that.  Even if we are - or are not - the element of creativity runs most powerfully through this work.  Each woman present will have her own choreography with regard to this, and it is for her to explore.


At Lughnasadh we stand and look back not only to The Lover, but also directly across the wheel to the Maiden.   We stand with the fruit in our hands that was once the seed of dream.  We can see the journey made along the way.  


When we look into this gateway, we can find a powerful and truthful mirror. 

What then do we weave?

Is it stunning, beautiful, gorgeous?

Did we get into a bit of a fix and a tangle along the way?


Like a Spider at work, we look to our creative choreography, examine in fine detail how our creative channels on a personal level are in flow (or not) between inner to outer worlds.  


Looking to our choreography against the backdrop of the wider whole, we see we are by no means isolate.  We also get to see what is and isn't working, and where to make the shifts.  We are reminded to honour that original seed of potential, all of our gifts (no matter how marvellous or wobbly our weaving may be) and that an abundance of natural and intelligent resources reside around us daily that 'hold the magics of stones and trees'.  


BETWEEN THE WEAVER, THE CORN & CREATION invites the dancer to jump in, connect, breathe and weave inside creation, acknowledging that CO-CREATIVE relationship that is ever present and waiting to dance - with and alongside.


Here we rest.  Inside creation.

Celebrating, giving thanks, we look to what we have made.





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