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What's New! links you into the main hubbub of what's currently going on.  Scroll down and follow the links to get onto the page you're interested in. 

Mailing List

Oct 2014


Facebook is useful, but its not always guaranteed updates get to everyone.  It is absolutely my preference to keep you posted via email.  Please subscribe to the MAIL LIST to stay informed.  Thank you.



Evening & Day Dances - Stockholm 2016

July 2016

Evening and Day Dances are taking a break for the summer, and will start up again for autumn 2016.

Borntorpet Shambala Gatherings - Our Venue for 2016!

Sept 2015


Borntorpet Shambala Gatherings is our main venue for 2016, offering the 4 day dance THE FLOWER DRUM: Discovering the Deliciousness of the Ancient Dancing Soul. I know how much dancers love it here and teaching at Shambala is a real joy.  Check out Shambala Gatherings website or hop over to the dedicated page.

The Flower Drum - Sept 29th - Oct 2nd @ Borntorpet

July 2016


2016 sees THE FLOWER DRUM, enter it's fourth year.  Placed when the season is closing and fruits are full in late September/ early October, this is a dance to water the soul and honey in the heart.

Each time we meet, our focus changes to explore a different level of relationship between dance and drum. In its third year, 2015 saw a special year for The Flower Drum where dancers were invited to step inside the skin of the drum in a personal and meaningful way by seeking out the very drum that sits within the roots of their ancestral tree.


The Flower Drum 2016, invites dancers to continue this journey further, or if not begun - to enter into this deeper relationship.  Go to THE FLOWER DRUM for detail.

Foundation Courses - Being Human & The River That Finds Us

July 2016


Being Human is the first part of a 2 part foundation program, followed by The River That Finds Us, as a much deeper block of work.  Together they provide a solid foundation for Spiderflower's practice.  


Foundation courses are different to experiential work (like The Flower Drum), as they teach a clear set of skills.  Once you've done them, you have them.  Being Human covers the basics of Spiderflower's dance and the 4 point wheel. Spiderflower's dance is rooted in the wheel, so this is fundamental work.  The wheel grades up to 8 points, plus an entire internal choreography when full.  The River That Finds Us (formerly known as Oceans of Emotions) is tried and tested, it pays close attention to our direct relationship with emotion.


The River that Finds Us spans over 1 year, and is 5 blocks of 4 days.  Both courses are prerequisite to enter teacher training.


THE SEA (Or the Quince, the Comb & the Water Drum) - Zennor, Cornwall.  Summer 2016.

Dec 2015


2015 saw the first dance of the THE SEA, at Zennor, Cornwall.  2016 will see a continuum of this work where we extend the duration to give opportunity to connect with the land and water more fully.  Dates TBA.

The Red Tree.

Dec 2015


The Avebury Cycle - Year on Year Dances for Women reached the last dance of a 4 year cycle in Oct 2014 with Shaking the Wise Woman's Skin.  This body of work is about to morph into a multi-disciplinary arts project.  An Ongoing Group for the Stroud / Bristol / Avebury area is due to form for those interested in Spiderflower's performance process plus open workshops for those who would take part in development are available on an intermittent basis.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful


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