• Rowan Jacqueline

Reflections - Untitled: (Inside the Tide of Many Flowers)

Spiderflower opened dances for Stockholm in June 2017. Here, I want to share reflections on what has opened out into an unexpected, significant and polarised journey.


The medicine is in the title. This is something I always say.

The gateways and rhythms that make up external holding structures for Spiderflower are by now very well developed. They anchor this work through a dependable rootedness into the natural cycles and patterns we find in all life.

There is a usual set of titles for dances that appear over and over again . . . as a rule. But this time, a new title pushed its way to the foreground for our first evening dance. It was one that I initially rebuffed. 'You can't start a new cycle of dances with the title of . . . Untitled'. But, as all things organisational were put into place - 'Untitled: (Inside the Tide of Many Flowers)' became insistent.

When this happens, I know it is best to listen. A title has an energy, a life of its own. Within Spiderflower they are quite often odd, lyrical - poetic we might say. I struggle with them . . . but they will have their way in the end. Call that what you will, over time I have found they act like a set of keys and as we progress along a particular path - act as great teachers, taking us into new territory - or will provide a perspective that we may not have ordinarily seen.

Untitled: (Inside the Tide of Many Flowers) was quite a departure from any former Beltane or Summer Solstice title for Spiderflower - and was dropping onto the page as being incredibly specific.

When titles arrive, I do have a good insight into the choreography we need to work with. But I may not have the whole picture. There is often something locked within that will unfold in time. It is always a great adventure to follow that path into the unknown.

As Spiderflower is about entering into dialogue between body and earth through movement, our initial focus is on the relationship between human being and natural world. In its own right, Spiderflower is a form of storytelling. In this way, we cannot divorce ourselves, and should not divorce ourselves from the story of the wider whole. We are all a part of that narrative.

As a director, I keep my finger on the pulse and take into account the reflections we are working with in real time.


So, we are rolling into the tides of Beltane and through to the Summer Solstice with this new block of work. Indeed, this is the tide of many flowers and in this sense I set up dances for Stockholm.

My understanding and my knowing are all about how we reach a gateway that is an explosion of life, of love - of outrageous and unashamed beauty. See how those flowers dance about us - and as the great teachers they are - show us how it can be when we strip away all the conditioning there may be that will make us small and uncreative. They have no problem in sharing every ounce of lusciousness they are and it makes our world a beautiful place.

Here we are working with love, falling in love, with intoxication, with union and fusion - in the very fact that creation makes love every single day. At Solstice we arrive at a place of marriage, of joy - the lovers archetypically become mother and father as all hearts of all worlds beat together on this day so we celebrate a point of conception that leads us into new life.


This we work with, explore and we dance. Sometimes, this framework can provide a stark, and difficult mirror. When we consciously place ourselves as human beings against this level of beauty, where and how we are disconnect will show up on the down-side as well as the up-side.

This is normal, this is usual - and is all part of the work. It has been this way for a lot of years.

This time around we dropped in that bit deeper. Take off the titles. Take the lid off the box. Get out of the straight jacket. Leaving an empty space - a place that is untitled. So that possibility and potential have room to move and breath.

Flowers are a wonderful and natural poultice. They will, absolutely they will - powerfully, beautifully and gently draw out and away all that is toxic and ignite that deeper, insanely delicious beauty within.

And so this was the dance, and this was enough.


The image for 'Untitled: (Inside the Tide of Many Flowers)' is by LiLiRoze - a French fine art photographer residing in Paris. I found the image back in March as the title settled in, and fell in love with it and her work.

The Stockholm terror attack occurred early April, and we needed to think again.

Was this the right image to use?

Would it cause offence as we began to see this image in a different way?

Beautifully, LiliRoze gifted the image to the dance.

We decided. Together. It should be used.

At once we could see many things within it now.

Spiderflower's work will carry a double entrendre. There is always a flip side.

It is important to observe the truth sitting along the blade of a double edged sword.


As this tide rolled on, we have been met with more of the same in terms of violence and death.

On the outside, a different tide of flowers becomes apparent.