Shaking The Wise Woman's Skin

Samhain Dance


October / November 2014

OPEN EVENING DANCE - Fri 31st Oct - (19.00 - 22.00)

WEEKEND DANCE -  Fri 31st Oct (14.00) - Sun 2nd Nov (17.00)



'Go then and make of the world something beautiful.

Set up a light in the darkness.'

Awakening Osiris.  Normandi Ellis.





An invitation to dancers who would like to taste a shorter session, and for dancers of old to join this celebratory evening dance. 


Price for the evening £11 

If you are not known to Spiderflower,

you must still register for this dance and book ahead.  



Dancers wishing to stay on for the whole weekend may arrive at 14.00 in order to prep and carry out site visits.  For details see below. 


To book: email clearly stating your choice of dance. ___________________________________________________


For 2014, 'Shaking the Wise Woman's Skin' sees the last dance of the old cycle, where dancers who have travelled over 4 years are moving onward, yet, true to the tide of Samhain it also carries the seed and is the first dance of the new cycle ahead. 



This is beautiful work.  


The last dance of the old cycle yet the first of the new, we turn to the gate of Samhain (31st October) as the cold, dark winter months take us into the still, silent time of the year. 


We dance autumn through winter of the feminine life cycle. Here lives menopause and with it the falling of leaves, the certainty of change, the transformative power of the dark, ripe earth.  Onward, to greet the Ancient One as she sings over the clean, white bones of old age and death.


On the breath of the wind, the boat of the ancestors draws near.  

They may whisper to us and remind us we are as ancient as stars. 


Once we have created. It is how it is. Our time is done.

The fruit in hand wrinkles, contracts, withers and dies.

It moves through dissolution and decay.

Yet, at centre it bears the seed.

It drops to the ground and is held in earth. 


What we have loved and what we have been melts away, in that seed 

- still - lives dream and hope and vision.  


Shaking The Wise Woman's Skin is a rich block of work and presents a full, full bag. It is exactly what it says it is.  An invitation to shake off that skin and so find the Wise Woman resting in the very fibre of our being.  It is she, as she dances through the wisdom of body who can inherently guide us, no matter where we are in our feminine life cycle.


As wheels turn within wheels, on an everyday level the dance of this time looks simply to that of letting go.  


A strong bent to the work invites dancers to surrender into all that is deemed imperfect.  All that is held, all that is stuck.  All that is judged as unattractive, even grotesque. 


There is invitation to visit the taboos sitting in the darkest quadrant of the year - allowing the body to utter the unutterable can bring about a deep level of metamorphosis.  


In all this - we are magic.


Women who dance The Avebury Cycle are at different places in their lives, always.  So we do not work with an extreme focus on any one thing.  Essentially, this block of work is relatively open and invites women to dance hard and melt through wherever they are 'holding', where the skin between inner and outer worlds gets to harden and behave like a straight jacket, where there is no breathing or exchange and so we become disconnect from the alive, wiser part of the self.  Indeed the soul.  


The physical place we work with at Avebury for the Samhain dance is the ancient tomb of West Kennet Long Barrow.  


On the out breath, shaking the skin so it drops.

We leave to life what we have gifted to life.  

And must, every now and again, 

look over our shoulder and be done.


Enfolded in the nourishing dark, 

the seed rests in the still, silent place of earth.

We come full circle.

Star in hand.

Ready to begin again.



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