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The Dance Form - How does it work?

Impro-based, prayerful, focused and committed, Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance is powerfully grounded in earth and in body.  It carries helpful technique and discipline within a clear, strong structure so works as a precision form, yet, is free-flow, allowing the dancer to drop into their unique choreography.

Dance movement melts with percussion, voice and practical earth work as it constantly weaves between internal and external landscapes.  Listening closely, following what is real, it is held within a powerful structure that is its own wheel.

The wheel is a map.  Charting the dynamics of creation, it guides the journey, offering pools and points of connection that are life giving.

In this way, Spiderflower is connective and regenerative. As the body opens, both inwardly to self and outwardly toward nature it finds connection through what we call within Spiderflower a 

2 way flowering. 

The dance moves into dialogue, and begins to translate a common language in flow between these worlds, levels of expression that are beyond the 'normality' of self emerge as the dancer is wholly supported by forces of life and able to navigate far deeper territory.

We are made of the substance of earth.  It is via the ability to create and maintain a landscape of connectedness, nurture and possibility, inside and out, Spiderflower works.

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How do I benefit?

When we connect with the natural world, at the same time we connect to the deep life inside of us.  On a cellular level, body remembers itself, we open to our instinctive selves and so become inspired, very naturally, to live creatively.

Where the worlds of body and earth meet, there lives and breathes an ancient, honeyed language.  It is that wild, divinely intelligent and soulful dialogue that Spiderflower moves with and dances into being.

Participants find the practice liberates and empowers their creative capacity in a very real sense.  As the dancer connects with internal landscapes they often find strong changes occurring in life and direction as they align with a deeper self that is also in tune with natural rhythms inside creation. Like a river, when connected a creator will find a deeper level of flow on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, the creative capacity within any individual becomes greatly enhanced by following this practice.  Beyond this, it simply is a beautiful form to experience.

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Who is it for?

People come to Spiderflower from all walks of life.  As its choreography straddles creation, it is fascinated with the human condition.  Unafraid to go into the darker, more grotesque corners of the secret places we hold nor to scale the dizzy heights of the ecstatic, Spiderflower is a practice able to serve dancers and actors wanting to push the boundaries of their movement repertoire and chart new territory, just as well as life's adventurers wanting to get their creative mojo working to full capacity.

Bespoke sessions are available for individuals, actors and organisations, whilst Tattered Butterfly Arts delivers art projects reflective of discoveries made through participatory work.

Spiderflower's community is vibrant, colourful and diverse.  From actors to artists, doctors, environmentalists, dancers, farmers, therapists, managing directors, doulas, writers, teachers, consultants, conservationists and mum's at home, all who love to dance and have a care for this fragile earth are wholly welcome.

 Spiderflower forms foundation of all working structures

and is heartbeat to all arenas within Tattered Butterfly Arts. 

Please note:  Spiderflower is not 'shamanism'.

It is a body of new work focused on the earth / body relationship explored via the expressive arts.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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