The Tabooed Labyrinth

The Dance Between The Forbidden,

Shadow, Creativity & Freedom

An Advanced Intensive


Part 1 - (4 Days)





Part 2 - (7 Days)




Working with deep focus between earthwork and the dance,

this specialist course takes us into the territory of shadow choreography.


This work takes us into that which is Taboo.

But it does not leave us there.

To calculate the amount of time and energy spent avoiding this place would be mind boggling.  

But avoid it we do.  To a point of developing an entire choreography that lodges in the body

and so seeps into thought, word and deed.  

But, we must understand a shadow choreography has developed

to assist us navigate daily life and indeed survive.


This is the hardest dance.  

But, one that is profoundly liberating.

Moving into this work usually comes at a point where a dancer becomes frustrated and scratchy.  Or just plain stuck.  It can present as a crisis.  Or it can present as mutiny.  It looks like a juncture, where new life and energy are so ready to emerge but are yet to find clear direction, and this will happen for dancers who work long term with Spiderflower as a direct result of earth connection.  Here, there is a bridge to cross - that cannot be crossed - yet.  Old, internal choreography that has held it all together until this point in time does not know how to let go.  At the point of taking flight, the most intense moments of fear may well emerge and shadow choreography can rise ready to take us, and those around us, down. Back into what is known, comfortable, controlled, familiar - and safe.  In these moments, that outmoded choreography digs in its heels.  Our own magnificence can be terrifying, and our old friend who has worked so hard to keep us in the 'right place' . .  will face dissolution.  So the level of fear can be overwhelming.  Each of us possess a unique shadow choreography, and when this is rooted in the unconscious it will inform our behaviour and in turn effect our work, life - and dance. For the dancer inside this space - it is a place of chaos and one that must be worked through before moving into any level of accreditation.

It is however, a natural juncture. 

The entirety of what is being discussed here translates directly into movement. 

This choreography is lodged in the body.

It is in the fibre of the being, the cells the muscles and the bones.

As a dancer expands their movement repertoire physically and energetically,

any internal-trans-physical choreography holding them as small wants to release

to make way for a deeper, more expansive level of expression.

The gift is when a choreography no longer serving a dancer 

makes itself visible.

Without tools and a rite of passage, this can be a hard bridge to cross.

It is possible to pick around the edges.  We can pick around the edges for eternity.

Unless we lift the lid to take a look at what we have placed as taboo within our personal choreography, and explore what that actually means - then we might loop around and around

the same issues forever.

This is where the magic of earthwork steps in. 

By nature, the earth is a great magician,

who, (with the greatest ease and least amount of fuss), 

transforms everything she touches.

Small groups are gender sensitive.  

Gender sensitive means groups work to women only, men only -

but also open bespoke space for the LGBTQA+ community. 

As we follow the river - groups may merge in time. 



PART 1 works over 4 days and lays a clear framework to go into PART 2.  In all reality, it is a technical block.  Shadow work is a constant, just as it is a dynamic within creation.  Tools by which to track, unpack and dissolve the brittle dances that keep us locked are offered here.

PART 1 knocks on the door

and opens out the meaning of the word TABOO.

We dance on the edge.

Go where we are forbidden. 

Touch that which has been outcast.

Call to the hidden.

And start a conversation.

Taboo can fall to either side of a double edged sword.

Toward the fact this taboo is rooted in the holy and gives to life.  

Toward the fact this taboo is rooted in that which is destructive and needs to be left alone.

Until we take the lid off of the box and take a look,

the unseen dance will continue to influence our lives.



With the technical aspect of this work absorbed, Part 2 takes deep focus upon the dance and earthwork in conjunction.  

As we begin to understand our shadow choreography, we may tug on what looks like a thread . . .  keep pulling and soon an entire, multi-layered, complex choreography will expose itself.

Here, we are into The Labyrinth.  

Somewhere we need to give ourselves the gift of time and space to get to know our own taboos and forbidden places  - well.   The secrets that live here so very often act as fertile soil and when worked with can bring about great and positive change.

It is the centre that needs to breathe.

To ground. To root. To connect.



On completion, a dancer will be left with a set of tools where they can recognise and navigate their shadow choreography as it arises in future and learn to master this dance each time the circle turns.

The Tabooed Labyrinth takes a dancer through a powerful alchemical process.  

Spiderflower's dance, the wheel and earthwork are all elements through which we work.  

Combined, these create what should now be a familiar and safe framework for dancers

to take dense matter to the earth, and turn it to gold.

The process over all takes off an immense amount of pressure, empowering a dancer so they can continue their work and their life in a way that is much less impeded by the unseen.



What experience do I need? This is advanced work and carries a pre-requisite.  Dancers must have completed BEING HUMAN: (Or the Vulnerable Magician) - Foundation Course Part 1, and possess a strong understanding of Spiderflower's dance form, wheels and earth-work.

Preparation & Coursework:  All dancers are given pathwork and are required to prepare.  Extensive pathwork bridges Part 1 and Part 2.

Schedule - Part 1:  The objective of Part 1 is to lay a clear framework ready to move into Part 2. This element gives focus to the intellectual aspect of The Tabooed Labyrinth ahead at the same time as loosening up a dancers choreography.  Equal attention is given to Spiderflower's dance, wheel and earthwork, whilst a good amount of time is spent exploring mythology and in circle.  We start 9am to complete 19.00.

Part 1 may be booked in isolation, dancers do not have to continue to The Tabooed Labyrinth (Part 2).

Schedule - Part 2:  Sees the foundation set for deep level dance and earthwork. Dancers are invited to 'run with the ball' in Part 2, much of the work is non-verbal, although a section is set aside each day for circle. Earthwork is intensive and moves into night work. Hours are longer to begin at 08.00 and complete around 22.00.

Dancers must complete The Tabooed Labyrinth (Part 1) to move into (Part 2).

Silence, Music & Percussion:  The majority of our work is spent unaccompanied as dancers need to develop the inner ear at this stage and tune more carefully to their internal landscape, along with rhythms in the natural world.  Pre-recorded music or live percussion via the frame drum may accompany where appropriate. 


4 Day Intensive -  £650

7 Day Intensive - £1,200

Inclusive of food & accommodation for groups.



The Tabooed Labyrinth is part of Spiderflower's repertoire, and repeats every year.  


Dates are offered at the start of the year, and are held open

for a short window prior to a venue being secured.

Should more dates for bespoke groups be required,

these can be set according to need.

Please enquire.

Location to be arranged according to group numbers.

The Tabooed Labyrinth works to a maximum group size of 5 dancers and can accommodate 1 on 1 work.

(1 on 1 dancers may need to subsidise

their accommodation and food.)


This work set is gender sensitive,

being offered to women only or men only groups.

Bespoke circles are offered to members of the LGBTQA+ community if required.


Simply email contact(at) and express your interest.

As dancers are known, Spiderflower will discuss your

attendance prior to issuing an application form.

For up and coming dates - please make sure you are on the

MAIL LIST to remain informed.


+44 (0) 7967 430303

Or drop Spiderflower an EMAIL


Photography: Rowan + Drum © Gemma Burleigh Photography 2012 -

Artwork:  Tongues in the Flowering Tree © Rowan Jacqueline 2016



(or The Vulnerable Magician) 



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