Tattered Butterfly Arts

Tattered Butterfly Arts exists as the performance wing through which Spiderflower works.


Its intent is to create a visually breath-taking and visceral experience where the audience are journeyed into the sensory world of a piece, so opening out immersive enquiry into the deeper nature of the earth / body relationship.


It is this relationship that Tattered Butterfly Arts explores from every available angle; from the cellular to cultural, from the human to environmental.

Theatre art projects bridge research into performance, taking discoveries made through Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance up to a performance level.  


Within Spiderflower's remit research takes place on an ongoing basis over long periods of time, and in time offer up original material that is important to share with the wider whole.


Tattered Butterfly Arts follows its own performance process as it evolves this raw material to deliver projects that are reflective of Spiderflower's findings.  Dance movement theatre techniques are honed and refined, which in turn leads to a specific approach to all aspects of performance.


Its approach works to kaleidoscope perspectives in order to offer insight at this critical time as the global community face urgent issues around climate change.  Through its work, Tattered Butterfly Arts seeks to provide an artistic forum where pressing realities long taken for granted are challenged and new ways of being unearthed. 


On a fragile planet we live, one that is tattered,

yet remains incredible in its beauty.

Like the butterfly, the essence of this body of work 

in its entirety is about metamorphosis.




Go to TATTERED BUTTERFLY ARTS to visit the dedicated website.


Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful


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