Dancers who have completed 4 years with Spiderflower are required to move through their 4th Year Gate.

This is a review of all work completed with Spiderflower up until this point in time, and works with intent to consolidate all that has been learnt before moving onto more advanced levels in order to ensure foundation is firm, and dancers have a firm understanding of Spiderflower's principles in dance form, supporting structures and ethos.

A dancer may request to enter their 4th Year Gate, or Spiderflower will request a dancer takes this before moving on.

This is a bespoke process, being tailored and priced around how many modules a dancer has completed with Spiderflower.  It usually takes around 6 months to complete through written assignments, conversation, practical assessment and mentoring.


Teacher Training is available, and dancers who want to work through and / or teach Spiderflower's structures and techniques must gain accreditation.  


It is a non-commercial operation within Spiderflower and works like an apprenticeship, mainly on a one to one basis or in very small groups. 


To train as a teacher, a dancer must complete 4 separate levels of study.  Usually, this will take a year per level - but has to be flexible and a student will complete when they have a thorough grasp of all elements within that cycle of teaching.


Level 1: (Spiderflower's 4 point wheel, earthwork & dance)

Level 2: (Spiderflower's choreography to the 8 point wheel, earthwork & dance)

Level 3: (Spiderflower's internal wheel (part 1), dance into performance, earthwork)

Level 4: (Spiderflower's internal wheel (part 2), advanced dance into performance, earthwork, refining your creativity and purpose)

Teachers start to practice upon completion of a level, and are accredited to teach to that level.  They spend a year under supervision before they move onto the next.

The training is rigorous and covers in depth all aspects of Spiderflower's dance form, its wheels and earthwork.  

For a full programme or if you have any questions simply enquire contact(at)

When you feel ready to apply for teacher training, please write in *by hand* which means penning a letter in handwriting, answering each of the following questions clearly:


1) Express your wish to enter teacher training and why you want to do it?  


2) Teacher training works on the principle of a collective, where students contribute to the research, development and progression of Spiderflower as a whole.  Considering your personal talents and gifts now, how do you think you would best contribute to Spiderflower and in what areas?  


3)  How do you feel you want to apply the work in the wider world?


4)  Additional to this, take some time looking into the above image.  This beautiful photograph is of an African Mask from Malawi.  It says something important about where relationships need to be for teacher training to start.  In your letter, please spend a little time speaking about how the image effects you.  What do you see?  What does it express about relationship?


Once you are ready to send your letting of application, please email in to to get an update on Spiderflower's current postal address.  Once your letter is received, your application will be discussed at length with you in how is best to continue.


There's no set start date.  Training is means tested and importantly works on the principle of sacred economics.  This means your practical contribution to the work will need to be high and is important - but must be balanced with financial contribution that is within your own means.  Full details of community ethos, modules (that can be designed to work around your schedule) and pricing are discussed fully on application.


Teacher training is bespoke, and works closely on an individual basis with each persons unique talents and gifts.



Through previous experience of teacher training, one important thing to remember is that Spiderflower works to assist an individual settle into their creative centre and flower from this place.  What is usual, is that as this happens, a very specific path that is in alignment with that dancers unique creativity will open up.  It is this journey that is developed during teacher training.


What we are interested in is supporting a dancer move deeply into what is theirs, in their own right and enable them to use the tools in a safe way that upholds the high standards and integrity Spiderflower keeps.


What you eventually do may turn out to be completely different to your initial vision - but the starting point and intention is vital.  

So be prepared for this. 


Many, many thanks.


(Photograph - African Mask © Frank Douwes 2009).


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