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Spiderflower is a complete and comprehensive dance movement theatre system, developed soley by Rowan Jacqueline Beckett since 1999.  It is a not-for-profit organisation, and its work is dedicated to the good of the whole. 


The following Terms and Conditions are designed to uphold the standards and integrity of Spiderflower's work, whilst creating a safe and respectful environment for those who participate.  


COPYRIGHT NOTICE - WORK IN PRACTICE: Spiderflower's remit includes in depth and developed practices around impulse, gestural work and 2-way flowering; these are techniques and structures within Spiderflower's repertoire that make Spiderflower unique in its own right.  All working titles, content, interpretation, course structure, external holding and teaching structures to include Spiderflower's maps and wheels are protected by international laws of copyright as a whole and in part. 


Teacher Training must be fully completed to make use of any of the afore mentioned elements of work. This has been in effect since 1999 and has been in place to maintain both integrity and high standards.  


No part of this body of work may be copied, distributed, reproduced or exploited for commercial or personal financial gain, even in the case of not-for-profit organisations, without prior written consent and fair credit given.  


Dancers may not fracture or splice Spiderflower's forms and techniques with their own work or any other dance form, practice or discipline, and so infer Spiderflower's content and techniques are developed by themselves or belong to another practitioner.  


Any exploitation, reproduction and redistribution in this way is prohibited without express written permission.  All rights are reserved.

TRADEMARK NOTICE:  Spiderflower is a registered trademarked under the license: UK00003466287


COPYRIGHT NOTICE - WEBSITE:  This website, content, ideas and imagery is copyright of Rowan Jacqueline Beckett - Spiderflower (1999 - 2020).  All rights are reserved.  Any reproduction and redistrubtion, in part or all of the contents of this website is prohibited without express written permission and usage fees paid.  You may not, except with express written permission, commercially exploit the content, nor store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

SELF ENDORSEMENT:  Dancers may not credit themselves against Spiderflower, advertise themselves in anyway, by gesture, verbally or in writing, as being 'trained' by Rowan Jacqueline and/or Spiderflower to teach or work with Spiderflower's form and techniques through dance or teaching structure, unless specific permission has been granted by Rowan Jacqueline Beckett through prior written consent and/or have gained accreditation via teacher training.


SHAMANISM: Whilst Spiderflower is inspired and informed through ancient and earth-wise understandings, Spiderflower is NOT Shamanism.  Spiderflower is Spiderflower.  It works to its own unique form and is based upon the celtic wheel of the year, thus staying close to Rowan's own roots. Permissions have been gained by Spiderflower in person from OBOD to progress the celtic wheel, since 1999 Spiderflower has by now developed a long way into its own choreography.

Spiderflower does not wish to be associated nor confused with the current western trend of 'shamanism' or 'shamanic culture'.  Dancers are asked to be diligent enough to observe the differences between what is largely available on the market place under the 'shamanic' label, and what exactly Spiderflower is, how the company ethos works and its culture.

FEES:  Where Spiderflower either in dance form, technique, research, writing, content or interpretation, teaching structure, working titles, artwork or photography is used without permission, a fee will be liable. Where Spiderflower's structures are used without written permission for personal or commercial financial gain (this includes not for profit organisations), a commercial rate of usage will automatically be charged. For corporations, companies and organisations the fee is £500 per day of usage.  For individual practitioners the fee is currently a flat £2,000 per period of usage.  If an individual practitioner repeats useage after a fee has been charged, then that fee will be levied each time Spiderflower's work is expolited. 

TEACHER TRAINING: Spiderflower is a complex and powerful dance form.  It is also coherent and balanced.  It is vital that dancers are trained adequately prior to teaching.  Sadly, some dancers are prone to lifting Spiderflower as a form after completing only a few sessions.   This mires the depth and beauty of Spiderflower, whilst it also endangers Spiderflower's dance form and structures to falling into low standards where the work is not fully understood or appreciated.   Rich and unique teachings that have taken years to develop, specifically with the intent of not pulling from already exploited indigenous cultures, are in danger of being completely lost or misrepresented when Spiderflower's work is lifted in this way.  In turn, it takes away from future participants the opportunity to explore the deeper nature of this work.


On a health and safety basis, to teach responsibly it is important to undergo a full training and possess a good understanding of all techniques and structures used, how they work and why they work, along with training in the healing arts that sit as background and support to Spiderflower.  It is imperative tutors must be able to respond to any eventuality and assist dancers through their process during or after working with Spiderflower.


For participants wishing to teach Spiderflower, a 4 year teacher training programme under apprenticeship must be fully completed.  If you are interested, email contact(at)spiderflower.org.   For further details of specific year blocks and how to apply see Teacher Training.


COMMUNITY ETHOS: Teachers are agreed to working as a collective and to progress Spiderflower's form through collaborative research as a community, and that Spiderflower as a dance form is not fragmented, nor is merged or mixed with other disciplines, but is to be kept complete and in pure form.  Spiderflower is constantly progressing as a whole body of work.  Teachers are agreed to work via a flowering motion, where they work together as a collective, meeting regularly to continue training, also to debreif on how their work is progressing and to share their findings.


Spiderflower works to honour the talent, time, effort and expense it takes to produce outstanding creative work and operates with due diligence around crediting, fee payment and observing copyright wishes of contributing artists.

Please observe the same standards.

HEALTH & SAFETY:  Spiderflower strives to create a safe environment that looks responsibly to participants Health & Safety.  Health & Safety checks are carried out on all sites.  A First Aider and First Aid Box are always present.

During registration, participants are asked a series of questions that will cover all Spiderflower needs to know regarding Health & Safety.  If there are any changes from the time of filling out registration to the time of commencing an event - Participants MUST inform us.


Also, if there are any obvious issues that Spiderflower has not asked directly but ought to know regarding your Health & Safety within the workspace, participants are expected to communicate this.  If participants fail to do this, Spiderflower will hold no liability whatsoever should difficulties arise.


CARE, CONDUCT & LIABILITY:  For an event to be held well, there are many relationships at play that are in support of the work.  These relationships are longstanding and have developed over years.  Spiderflower cares about it’s working relationships in all cases and participants are requested to consider this and act with care whilst attending an event. 


Overall, even though Rowan Jacqueline Beckett carries Public Liability Insurance, should a participant act in a way that is willfully destructive or negligent and damage is then incurred to a person, venue or property, they are alone liable for their actions.  


Should a third party wish to take legal action as a result of a participants conduct that is willfully destructive or negligent, Spiderflower holds no liability in these cases.

If actions are damaging to Spiderflower in anyway, Spiderflower may also consider legal action.

VENUE:  Participants are to observe the boundaries and requirements of our venue.  These will be made clear at our first meet prior to starting.


Originally posted: 21st June, 2012.

Updated: 16th March, 2016.

Updated: 23rd Jan, 2018.


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