THE RED TREE is a contemplation of menarche through poetry, sculpture and dance.  It is for dancers who are interested in Spiderflower's performance process and contributing toward research that is moving toward installation and a multi-disciplinary performance piece drawn from THE AVEBURY CYCLE.


Dance and writing spaces combine to give special focus to the allowing language of nature express through the body. Here we follow a careful and specific creative process, where dance is key to originating poetry that will go toward a final sculpture.  


The art project seeks to create an experiential mirror of menarche today.  The impulse comes through dancing with menarche over many years.  As witness to those journeys and vital to the perspective of this piece, Spiderflower recognises menarche as a rite of passage that is in transition


Building upon Spiderflower's findings, THE RED TREE takes as wide a scope as possible, opening the space where voices of women from all walks of life on a pan-cultural basis are invited to contribute.


The final piece may find life in different ways.  Initially as an installation where people can experience the sculpture in its own right. Also as an installation within performance for Tattered Butterfly Arts translation of the Avebury Cycle - THIS HOLY ISLE


Dedicated dance and writing spaces are opened intermittently (UK and Overseas) for women who feel called to take part.  If you are interested please email: contact(at)


The project is open to women and girls at any stage in life from 18 years and up.  



This is a gift economy workshop.

Dancers are invited to gift from the heart at the end of the day.


To reserve your place call +44 (0 )7967 430303

or email contact(at)


Non-Inclusive of accommodation & food.

Spiderflower is happy to help you find accomodation.

The Red Tree: 

A Contemplation of Menarche through poetry, sculpture and dance.

Avebury - Wiltshire - UK

Sat 7th & Sun 8th May 2016

Menarche in Transition

Spiderflower has been dancing with menarche for a long time now, since 1999.  Over the years, I have been witness to many dances and many stories.  


From what I have seen, I feel one thing is clear.  

Menarche as a rite of passage is in transition.


It is a profound gateway.  At menarche, we leave the child state biologically and spiritually, emotionally and mentally - cracking the seed of childhood we flower into creation.


Say that again.  


We flower into creation - quite literally

the body flowers into the dance of creation.


As we become women, we can co-create,

as it is our ability to give life.


Watching the spiral as it flows around the feminine cycle, menarche serves as foundation to all other gateways.  From here, we open into creative beings in adult life.


As I have stood witness, it is has become more and more apparent how important it is that menarche is held consciously.


In action.  This work carries a sharp, double edged sword.  What is true is that there is a spectrum around menarche that is incredibly broad. 


To one side, it is beautiful beyond measure with a bright telling of a menarche celebrated, held with honour and pride.  To the other, it is gritty, tough - and can be a hard calling.  Attitudes of denial, repression, shame and abuse are still at play.  In-between, the roles of nullity, ignorance and silence are ominous contenders.  


But, for all the colours present.  

There is movement.


More and more consciousness seems to be rising around menarche - with more women (and men) wanting to reclaim this rite of passage in a positive way for their daughters, even if they did not experience any rite of passage for themselves. (Indeed all feminine gateways such as pregnancy and birth to menopause). 


The place where women strive to remember and give voice.  The transition at play is slow, deep but as awareness shifts and attitudes change - over time will those changes translate to move on to generations to come.


It is this THE RED TREE embraces.  Its work is to capture the story.



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IMAGE BELOW:  RED MOON / SWEET EARTH © Rowan Jacqueline 2004.   Egg & Earth on Canvas.  From the series 'Avebury Incantations'.


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