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The Centre for Earth-Engaged Performance Research

Spiderflower has reached a plateau in terms of development and is due to step into a new working structure.  Much work has occurred within classes or courses, producing a significant body - but it is vital this is made visible, in order to reach a wider audience.  


Many valuable findings have been made with regard to the dance movement form, its application to theatre, dialoguing and working work with the land and the role of percussion. A new cycle is due to start during Spiderflower's 20th year and is set to move through a major period of consolidation where all elements of Spiderflower's work are brought together.


TATTERED BUTTERFLY ARTS sits as the performance wing for Spiderflower, its job is to receive original work ready to develop for theatre. Tattered Butterfly Arts is due to shift its structure slightly and become a CENTRE FOR EARTH-ENGAGED PERFORMANCE RESEARCH to collate and record Spiderflower's findings as a central resource.


Spiderflower remains as a separate entity, still to hold ground it has done over the past 20 years as a space that is open for creatives from all walks of life, while Tattered Butterfly Arts employs Spiderflower's structure and technique to focus on professional development in dance movement theatre toward production and performance only.





This shift is also in response to the recent UN report from the IPCC. Spiderflower's work has always held an awareness of climate change. The IPCC report is shocking. On one level it leaves many feeling powerless, as much of the change needed is in the hands of the big corporations and governments. As the IPCC report has landed, I have needed to sit back, take stock and ask the question - 'What is the most effective road to take?'


Activism is one route to take - but - there is a different and important element Spiderflower's work can offer; this is to hold to the course for beauty.


This means to stay with what Spiderflower has been doing all along.  But it HAS to become visible. Let us not give into forgetting how deep the relationship between body and earth is. To constantly remind people of the phenomenal beauty that is present in the relationship between human and earth, to show that there is a relationship, how real it is and by engaging with this, evolving with this and bringing effective structures Spiderflower has developed over time through - it can offer future generations something credible for the future.


It doesn't just have to be about survival.





Spiderflower has been self-sufficient throughout, which means it has operated without funding for all this time. This is a huge achievement in one respect, but on another level, limits the work to courses and training in order to sustain itself.


To cross this bridge and flower fully, Spiderflower needs support and needs funding - so is reaching out to its community and beyond to join us in a CROWDFUNDER in celebration of this 20th Year transit.


Crowdfunding will launch in late 2019.

Deeper notes on working process, technique and structure are due to pass over to


Please join the MAIL LIST to remain informed.


Contemporary Earth Dance Theatre 

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