During this uncertain and challenging time for the arts,

Spiderflower needs your help to deliver new and relevant work.

Spiderflower has been a self-sustaining arts organisation to date and has not been in receipt of regular funding, yet its work has inspired, educated and supported individuals and organisations in the UK and overseas for over 20 years.

COVID-19 and the closure of the arts world in March 2020 has been catalytic.

It is at once threatening, but it has also created immense opportunity.

The pandemic has catalysed intense assessment as it has arrived in conjunction with Spiderflower's 20th year. This period has seen Spiderflower restructure, then restructure again, in order to meet our rapidly changing world.

The time made available during lockdown has gifted the opportunity to create new work:

Being self-sufficient as an arts organisation is a rare thing, particularly if the work is still running after two decades. Until 2020, Spiderflower has generated the majority of its income from tickets and participatory activities, often providing bursary places where possible. Over the pandemic Spiderflower has not been in receipt of any government assistance and remains afloat as through the support of the Theatre Arts Fund and The Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust.

Spiderflower's restructure means focus will fall upon performance as a priority rather than tuition - so for the future - the support of community and funders will be needed to chart new ground.

At this critical juncture, this is where Spiderflower needs your help.  


Spiderflower is ready to step into a new journey in response to these times, yet financial assistance is needed in order to do so. Active participation of audience members has always been key to Spiderflower's values, new structures are designed to meet and serve Spiderflower's community in a way that is relevant, on point - and provide opportunity to step inside the work ahead at an experiential level. 

There are several ways to support Spiderflower:

  • CROWDFUNDER:  Is a multiplier and runs on an ongoing basis.  

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Spiderflower asks at this time of risk, yet even great potential for this body of work

- that you contribute if you can.

Thank you for your support