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  • Simply head over to the PAYMENT page to make your booking.


  • Event or course payment is made via the PAYMENT page.

  • Once your payment is received, your place is firmed.  

  • Confirmation will be sent directly to you, along with any course material and preparatory work.

  • All data collected works in line with Spiderflower's PRIVACY POLICY.

  • Please also make yourself familiar with Spiderflower's TERMS OF USE.


Find further information below on making payment, deposits,

cancellation policy and other practics.

Any questions - please contact contact(at)


  • Please use the PAYMENT page where possible.

  • If you would like to make a direct transfer, please enquire for Spiderflower's bank details.​


  • Spiderflower offers an easy to use booking system through Paypal which will facilitate overseas transfers. Participants may pay deposit or make full payment by using the PAYMENT page and following the link alongside the course of your choice.


  • For individuals or organisations needing to pay Spiderflower directly for bespoke work, please do this via DIRECT TRANSFER.  For overseas payment, Spiderflower suggests using TRANSFERWISE - this service is excellent at keeping bank charges down for all parties.





  • All participants, whether they are booking ONLINE or LIVE / IN-PERSON EVENTS, will need to complete registration with Spiderflower prior to entering any session.

  • Before registering for any course, workshop or booking a bespoke block of sessions, please email Spiderflower at contact(at) in the first instance, clearly stating:

    • Your contact details; (name, email, telephone).

    • The course or body of work you are interested in.


  • Spiderflower will check in with you directly, chat over individual or group needs, confirm course details, answer questions and give any further information required.

  • Please do not make any PAYMENT at this stage.


  • Spiderflower will send you a link for the correct online registration form.  

  • Please fill this in and submit.

  • Once received, your registration will be checked over.​​

  • Please note: The work can be extremely demanding. It is important to ensure every participant is well placed to the course they want to attend. If there are any health or safety concerns we'll be in touch.

  • Once Spiderflower has checked your initial registration, you will be asked to make your payment.  

  • When you register as an individual or organisation you do not need to repeat the full process each time you book, but remember to keep your details updated.


  • Booking for ALL classes and courses (ONLINE or LIVE / IN-PERSON) will time out on a deadline ahead of any pre-scheduled event.

  • This is to ensure participants are settled and are well informed ahead of time. It is also where Spiderflower tallies numbers, prepares for group requirements and content is fine tuned.

  • Please keep an eye on any dead-lines for registration:

    • Shorter classes will time out 24 hours ahead of session.

    • Courses of 1 - 3 days will time out 3 days in advance of the event.  

    • Courses of 4 days or longer will time out at least 7 days ahead of any event, sometimes longer.  

  • Spiderflower runs a personalised service and does not operate a drop-in facility for any class or course.





In the event of Spiderflower needing to cancel an event - all course fees to include deposits are refunded directly.


SCREENINGS + LIVE EVENTS:  Standard and PWYC tickets are non-refundable.  If not allocated for the payee's chosen event, PAY IT FORWARD tickets can either roll over to a future event or are refundable.  Spiderflower will contact the payee to keep them updated. 


ONLINE CLASSES: Classes are only available via MEMBERSHIP at present. Participants need to subscribe to Membership gain access. Online classes work at an additional cost, payment is taken in advance and offers no refund. 


ONLINE COURSES: Deposits hold your place and cover the cost of any pathwork or literature participants receive. In this case, deposits are always non-refundable. Full payment is required 14 days ahead of an event going live. Participants may cancel at any time prior to the course starting and receive a refund of course fees paid, less the deposit.


PRE-SCHEDULED / IN-PERSON COURSES:  A 50% deposit is taken on booking to hold your place and are always non-refundable. Full Payment must be made 21 days prior to any event. If a participant cancels at any time on or after the 21 day threshold, course payments made are refunded less the deposit.

BESPOKE BOOKINGS FOR ORGANISATIONS:  A 50% Deposit will be required upon booking, which is non-refundable in the event of an organisation cancelling a course of bespoke work.  Full payment must be made 21 days prior to any course.  For cancellation made at any point in time after booking, course payment is refunded less the deposit.


Enquiries - please ring +44 (0) 7967 430303

or email contact(at)



Preparation is designed to help a participant get the very most out of any event. It is an important element to Spiderflower's work as it readies participants on many levels. Pathwork often asks you to 'quest' upon certain elements of a course and is given beforehand. This gives plenty of breathing space to reflect upon key elements presented, feel out and process the work internally. Participants who embrace pathwork will find they can access deeper levels of the work much more quickly. 



When the work takes us out onto the land, allowing the body to be with, listen to and learn from specific places are important to each block of work. Participants are expected to respect the natural boundaries of the place we are working from (e.g. observing National Trust regulations and boundaries, remaining mindful not to stray onto farmers or private land, being respectful and of any venues ground rules for both inside and outdoor work).  


Participants will need to bring along suitable outdoor gear and will be advised on booking.

Please go to GUIDANCE for more detail on working practice and what to expect.  

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