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In these changing times, sorrow is something we have to learn to give to.  

As a species - the layers we face are many.


A PECULIAR SHADE OF BLUE is a sequence of 6 short films to chart a spacious and rhythmic journey through the nature of grief in our times.  


They carry intent to open out its language as an essential and natural part of the human experience. . . to dissolve taboo around its expression, so we can better understand its role in renewal. 

Through the lens of DEEP TIME, the human form in motion against the achingly beautiful landscape of the Cornish coast casts a stark mirror to the intimate, yet forgotten connection between human and earth. 

ROWAN JACQUELINE entwines solo performance with the land, poetry and music as each film works in isolation, yet together combine as a complete experience. 

Here, the audience are invited to enter a process of exploration within a structure that hopes to create enough space between SLOW CINEMA and the rough hands of sorrow to find connection beyond isolation, and so follow a thread where grief may shape us like diamonds.

In collaboration with THE SOLO SCHOOLsupported through the fine eye and evocative facilitation of Henry McGrath, A PECULIAR SHADE OF BLUE is intended to work as an experimental piece with potential to combine live inter-disciplinary performance at a later stage.


Dive in here for deeper detail.

Spiderflower's CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN runs until 21st January, 2021.


If you would like to support this project and be a part of A PECULIAR SHADE OF BLUE in the making, hop on over to our Crowdfunder page.

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