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Sweden has been a joy.  In essence, it has been the place where 'everything has come together', and all previous elements of Spiderflower's development began to work in flow and in since.


The key factor here has been the level of support Spiderflower has received, from the practical side of venues, to how the earth / body dialogue inside the dance became more fluent, to how percussion and rhythm continued to develop inside the work. 

Sweden is very progressive as a culture, green matters are important to them and they invest in their creativity and well-being. I think it is due to this the Swedish community really 'get' the work, and have drunk it up readily. It has been an absolute honour to serve in Sweden over time.


Spiderflower's Swedish journey began at Ängsbacka near Molkom in 2010, in response to a very random, out of the blue invitation for BABU GAIA! to join a Christmas event.  By chance, there was an opening for some adult sessions which Spiderflower filled, and really all I can say it was like lighting a touch paper in the most delightful way - and saw Spiderflower on a roll here for quite a few years.

Spiderflower worked closely with the community on an ongoing basis as it is a progressive, holistic, eco-minded, arts based centre - perhaps the largest in Scandinavia - providing bespoke blocks of work for festivals.

Blocks of work to develop through Ängsbacka were:

  • The Sun Child / (Christmas 2010)

  • The Alchemy of Silence / (Easter Dance & Yoga Festival 2011)

  • Life. Is. Beautiful. / (No Mind 2012)

  • The Naked Dreams Longing For Light / (Easter Dance & Yoga Festival 2013)



Image Source - Courtesy of Angsbacka


The Flower Drum

Spiderflower moved on from Ängsbacka to Shambala Gatherings where THE FLOWER DRUM has been the main focus, and has worked through several cycles of development.

On one level, The Flower Drum an exploration of the relationship between the body, earth and rhythm.  When we look to that in detail, this gives rise to the need to look into who we are and where we come from in ancestral terms - as the body will find its root through any ancestral rhythms belonging to the culture we come from. The Flower Drum is then accompanied by a quest, and invites a dancer to research their ancestry in relation to the rhythms they may find existent within it.  Once on the floor, this dance is an absolute immersion into rhythm and the drum.

The quest has been an incredible feature, where stories coming into the space have unearthed some obscure and very nearly forgotten treasure. As these stories have gathered over time, they, like the journey at Avebury, have begun to build a more complete picture of the human relationship with percussion throughout history.

The Flower Drum as a dance has then morphed into a deeper research project due to move into theatre through TONGUES IN THE FLOWERING TREE, where stories can be shared with the wider whole.

Our base for The Flower Drum in Sweden has been Shambala Gatherings at Skinnskatteberg. 

With the greatest thanks, and huge amounts of love to Melissa,

Johan and all at Shambala Gatherings.





Kirby, Rico Persson & Jonas Larsson


Rico Persson, Bouba Souma & Johan Svanborg

The Flower Drum - 2016 - Kirby & Afra Bell
00:00 / 00:00


Kirby & Afra Bell



​​Regular classes and day dances complimented the longer dances at Danscentrum Stockholm and Folkuniversitet Stockholm which became home and base to the 1 YEAR FOUNDATION COURSE IN DANCE MOVEMENT THEATRE - 2011 - 2012 and as meeting space for TONGUES IN THE FLOWERING TREE. 

Deeper notes on working process, technique and structure are due to pass over to


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