“What incredible fortune if you are reading this . . .   you have stumbled across a gold mine.

Here, you will have total permission to be exactly as you are in any moment.

Here, the miracle of alchemy is happening every day.

Each time a penny drops I am richer, and hungry for the next.

The work is spectacularly beautiful.

Ever changing and organic as nature.”


Student Doctor.  UK  2006.

"How little I did know about my own humanity, or you could say I forgot . . . I get humble by the very fact our body is made of the substance of earth, as Rowan reminds us over and over again. Something so obvious, yet that understanding is so distant.  Just a thought, a scientific theory I did not even feel related to.  


Dancing with Spiderflower has started to awaken that knowledge in the body.  Its not anymore a thought, its a feeling, its a sense my body is actually made by the earth.  That has made my eyes open and so my mind, and finally brought my body to a place of peace.


On a personal level, I live more as myself and my own uniqueness has started to flow, which has brought me to a creative place I didn't think was possible.


What really makes Spiderflower so rich is that it does not stop at my own level, as the techniques Rowan hands out put you in relationship with the greatest forces of life.  This is a work with so many layers, and it always gives me perspective on the diversity of life.  

There is an honesty in this work that allows you to start just where you are, it starts where your relations are now.  By starting at that point, it gives place to very honest relations to be rebuilt and celebrated once again."

Dancer / Anthropology Student.  Sweden 2017.

“In a somewhat chaotic world, Spiderflower has helped me put my feet back on the earth.  To find this specific dance form, for me, has brought consciousness of my own body, being and world around me. It brings changes.


Spiderflower is quite an amazing teaching, and is really challenging from time to time. It would not be possible without Rowan and the structure Spiderflower brings, and gives a safe space to explore and go deep in.


As an artist, Spiderflower helps what is underneath up to the surface.  It is as if Spiderflower brings in the focus, not as in determination of mind but more like courage to keep on exploring and not give up, a gentle push forward.  It acts like a springboard, where you go into the dance session some subtle things occur and apparently you have jumped.  When you get home a new process has begun, you have new ideas and input to work that somehow rises from your inner self.  The dance helps you find your way home within yourself, so what you do is true. ”


Ceramic Artist.  Sweden 2017.

“As a young man growing up in Britain, I have been endlessly tormented by a lifelong itch to truly connect with the spirit I see made manifest around me in the natural world. After years of fruitlessly searching for a means to satisfy this craving, I came across Spiderflower.


Spiderflower helps me to develop my personal and sacred relationship with Spirit. A potent mix of teaching structures blended with Rowan’s own priceless experience of her own journey. This work helps the committed individual move in leaps and bounds.  On a day to day level, Spiderflower has helped me to break old habits and addictions. It gives me the strength to stand in truth and find my path in life.


Saying all that, it is incredibly hard work. It is not a half-hearted process. I can’t really emphasise just how rewarding it is at the deepest of levels.  If you feel this longing, I would recommend Spiderflower with all my heart - the views from this long climb are spectacular, the experiences are life-changing.”


Environmentalist.  UK 2006.

"The stanzas of the Avebury Cycle I have undertaken have had an unparalleled impact on my artistic journey. 


To embark on the cycle requires discipline and faith; committing to the probing groundwork leading up to the Avebury weekend is, for me, the key to unlocking the riches of the dance experience itself.


I found it engaging, thrilling, revelatory.  I felt seeds being sown that were to flower most extraordinarily in the stringent exploration of the dance, led and guided by Rowan.  She is an artist and facilitator without compare.


The dance workshops are held in a venue that contains a spirit of nurture and gentleness, subtly holding the spirit of Avebury within its walls. It is quiet and removed, allowing for intense concentration over the period of a weekend. 


The sessions are a flowing combination of reflection, delving through dance, a letting go within Spiderflower’s unique choreography, allowing revelation and truth to work through. 


This is interwoven with the ‘landwork’, physically connecting with the tremendous and reverential land art created in Avebury so many thousands of years ago.


The creative spirit is a gift, and its practitioners need to be very clear about what they are being asked to deliver. I have never been more lucidly shown, both the gifts I have been given, and how those gifts should be put to use. I have come away with a sense of clarity and purpose beyond myself. 


I cannot recommend this experience highly enough."


Artist, Writer & Theatre Director.  UK 2012.

“Working with Spiderflower has helped me develop so much as a person.  For many years in my life I was existing - apparently as a successful media person - but I was sitting on my true dreams.  Spiderflower works slowly, and incredibly deeply.  I am beginning to crack open and my life, my work and my relationships are beginning to breathe.  I now work as a freelance film maker and film trainer.  The skills and tools I have learnt through Spiderflower are very concrete - the transformation I have made has been profound, yet subtle. In both personal and professional areas I am now living more authentically - am ultimately happier, more confident and courageous.”


Doula, Film Maker. UK 2003.

“Spiderflower has been a huge catalyst in my life. Shifting my perspective 360 degrees on what life is - who I am - and where do I stand within it all!  It has given me an effective simple map to explore all this; initiating a profound inner healing.  I do not feel in separation from the earth anymore.  And that in itself is truly a gift.”


Massage therapist.  UK 2002.

Weaving the Ancient, the Wild & the Beautiful

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