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Crow Claw - 3


Rowan Jacqueline is an actor, dance movement practitioner, director and film-maker.

The essence of her independent work sees the fusion between two disciplines. Firstly that of theatre, with emphasis on the body as an instrument through movement and dance. Secondly, the profound life-ways and art forms of the worlds earth-wise peoples inspire her work greatly.


On a parallel path since the age of 19, Rowan has studied ancient and earth-wise cultures, life-ways and ceremony. Extensive experience in Vision Quest being particularly important for the foundation of Spiderflower, where she gave sole focus to this ceremony between 2000 - 2006.

For theatre, Rowan trained at Rose Bruford College (BA Hons) Theatre Arts (1989 - 1992), and went on to work as a theatre actor over the next 5 years with particular focus on classical and physical / laboratory theatre to include roles such as Titania, (dir. Greg Thompson), Emily Brontë (dir. Sam Dowling) and Masha for Perpetual Motion's Russian Tour of 'Sisters' (dir. James Callaghan).

In 1996, she began to explore immersive, earth-based art forms inside of dance movement theatre, which evolved over time into a unique and specific performance process. Audience inclusion and participation played an extremely important role, and by 1999 all strands merged to serve as foundation for continued development and have, over 20 years, arrived at Spiderflower today.

In present time, Rowan brings all of her passion and experience to the arena of performance and research. Always charting new ground, ready to take risks and innovate new forms relevant to the times we face, she continues to pioneer Spiderflower as a solo artist both in the UK and overseas, whilst her love of acting still sees her working as an actor in her own right.


Rowan currently lives in Cornwall, UK, is mother to a beautiful daughter and has spent a life time in dedication to the development of her work.

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