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Students who have completed 4 years with Spiderflower are required to move through their 4th Year Gate ahead of applying for Accreditation.

The 4th Year Gate is a review of all work completed with Spiderflower up until this point in time, and works with intent to consolidate all that has been learnt in order to ensure foundation is firm, and students have a thorough understanding of Spiderflower's principles in form, supporting structures and ethos before moving onto more advanced levels of study.

A student may request to enter their 4th Year Gate, or Spiderflower will request they take this before moving on.

This is a bespoke process, tailored and priced around how many modules a student has completed with Spiderflower to date. It usually takes around 6 months to complete through written assignments, conversation, practical assessment and mentoring.


Students who want to work through  Spiderflower's structures and techniques must gain accreditation.


This is a bespoke process, working to nurture an individuals unique talent and gifts. It is a non-commercial operation and acts like an apprenticeship, mainly on a one to one basis or in small groups. 

To train fully, a student must complete 4 separate levels of study. Usually, each level will take one year - but timespan has to remain flexible. A student will complete a level as and when they have a thorough grasp of all elements within that cycle of teaching - it ultimately takes as long as it takes.

On completion of a level, students are required to practice that particular level through their preferred art form in a dynamic way with audience or clients in attendance for a further year under supervision.


When the year of supervision is complete, full accreditation to that level is awarded.  A new level of study cannot begin until the year of supervision has been fulfilled.

There's no set start date and training may start as and when that student is ready, at any point in the year.  


Full details of ethos around accreditation, breakdown of content and modules, schedule (designed to work around your own availability) and pricing are discussed fully on application.

If you have any questions or to apply simply enquire contact(at)


Many, many thanks.

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