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Polly Higgins passed away on 21st April, 2019 leaving behind an incredible legacy as an Earth Lawyer.  It was a privilege to work with her and seed this body of work.
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Image by Avi Theret

Wednesday 6th May (10 am - 4 pm), 2015

Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos. UK


Day Dance Intensive for Women

with Polly Higgins & Rowan Jacqueline

Bringing together Polly Higgins, Earth lawyer, and Rowan Jacqueline, originator of Spiderflower,

for a day of deep immersion in dance, conscious intent and seeding of sacred economics into our lives.


This is a women’s only event.

Women and money - what is our new story and how can we help that emerge in each of us,

within our communities and for the Earth? 


Polly shall be sharing her success living within the gift economy; techniques she has used to break the inner patterns that held her back from experiencing the flow of funds and the tools she uses to invite in the flow from the heart, from a place of love and trust. Polly Higgins founded 'Heart to Heart Funding' over two years ago and her third book, 'I Dare You To Be Great', is her invitation to all who care to co-create a new story of our times.


Rowan opens a dynamic dance space with Spiderflower, coupled with earthwork and direct contact with nature to journey into and beyond the story we have with money.  This story rests deep in the fibre of our being. Spiderflower’s dance works to meet and transform what is truly there. Beneath the initial choreography most visible in life where inherited and ancestral patterns inform how that dance is for us; each of us carry a unique gift to life.  Spiderflower’s dance unlocks abiding and restrictive patterns, empowering the gift, to let it flower free.  This is a dance of birth, of freedom, and a collective enquiry into re-writing new ways.




Hawkwood College have kindly proffered their space to be within the gift economy. Polly and Rowan, in the spirit of the gift, offer their gifts to be shared with you. Thus there is no set price placed on this event. You are invited to gift from the heart what you feel is best for you at the end of the day. 


EPONA’S GIFT is a Gift Economy Workshop and as such is not part of the normal fee structure; you are invited to gift from the heart. In keeping with the event, and by inviting in the flow of money with trust, we are opening up the field for a new way of facilitating the flow of money into our lives and the lives of those around us.


Please book directly through Hawkwood College.

Epona's Gift Online Booking or email


Telephone +44 (0) 1453 759 034


(Note: The course is a 1 day event, with lunch provided)


Participants are encouraged gain a grounding in Spiderflower Dance prior to this work.

Dedicated classes to assist dancers prepare for Epona's Gift run at Hawkwood College - Studio 1

16th & 30th April - 11.00am - 1.00pm















Epona:  Epona is the Celtic Horse Goddess worshipped by the Gauls (the Celtic French).  Her worship spread to Britain and Rome from Western Europe.  Although few stories of her have survived, images often show her either riding a white horse or standing between two horses.  Many images show her feeding mares and foals from a cornucopia or a basket of fruit. Her connection to movement, fertility and abundance inspire our work.

Polly Higgins


Polly is the lawyer who has proposed Ecocide law into the United Nations and has spoken throughout the world about the long-term and wide ranging consequences of Ecocide law at all levels; political, economic, ecological and grass-roots events.  

She is the author of three books; 'Eradicating Ecocide', 'Earth Is Our Business' and 'I Dare You To Be Great'. 'Eradicating Ecocide', garnered the award 'The Peoples Book of the Year' (2011). For more about Polly visit Polly Higgins and Eradicating Ecocide.


Rowan Jacqueline


Rowan is the originator of Spiderflower: Earth-Engaged Performance Research, a unique and powerful dance movement theatre form working to honour the immense intelligence shared between the body, nature and the earth. 

With over 20 years experience in dance movement theatre, Rowan's work pays particular attention to development of the performance process.  At the same time, it is greatly inspired by ancient, earth-wise art forms and traditions.




Hawkwood College is an independent centre for education;  based in an enchanting 19th century Grade II listed building and set within 42 acres of sustainably managed grounds, including gardens, pastures, woodland and a natural spring - all with breath-taking views across the Stroud Valley, UK.  Hawkwood College offers a wonderful dance space for Epona's Gift in the main hall, whilst the course is fully residential with great food and comfortable lodging.

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