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Originated by Rowan Jacqueline and in development since 1999, Spiderflower is a dance movement theatre practice concerned with bridging the intelligent relationship between body and earth.

In response to the climactic times in which we live, this entire body of work is devoted to progressive inquiry into the phenomenal relationship between the natural world, and us, as a human race through the expressive arts.


Spiderflower is a research based practice. Rowan Jacqueline holds primary focus upon the development and delivery of earth-engaged performance via film and theatre through SOLO WORKS.

As outreach, COURSES provide an immersive forum for actors, creatives and organisations. Offered in the UK and overseas, sessions are available both in person and on-line.

Rooted in the ancient, yet dedicated to evolving new artistic forms meaningful for today, Spiderflower's purpose is to artistically engage with the inherent language that rests between body and earth, to go on to create original works and so endeavour to crack open the pulchritudinous nature of life itself through performance, whilst on a broader level support a passionate and diverse community of change-makers develop and gift their work to the world.

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