B E I N G   H U M A N

(Or the Vulnerable Magician)



9th (16.00) - 16th (11.00) November, 2018

Rosemerryn -  Lamorna Cove  -  Cornwall  -  UK


Prices - Full:  £750  (8,600 sek - approx. Subject to exchange rate)

Course Fees Inclusive of Accommodation + Food

We start

At the beginning.

We begin

With what we are.


Raw.  Beautiful.  Imperfect.

Simple.  Complex.



We forget.  Often

that we each possess

a mountain

of stars.

Designed to provide solid grounding in Spiderflower’s dance and practice, Being Human (or The Vulnerable Magician) is an in-depth foundation course in techniques special to Spiderflower's dance, earth work and first 4 point wheels.

Part 1 of a 2 part foundation course for Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance, Being Human bridges into the year course due to run in 2019, The River That Finds Us.


Being Human (or The Vulnerable Magician) is initially rooted in the relationship between the elemental world and human being.  The foundation course opens the space to explore the potent dynamics of creation as they weave between our humanness and the base, yet eternally creative substances of which we are made (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) on a cellular level. 

As humans we straddle a mix of dirt and divinity,

each of us a vulnerable magician - and this dance is universal to us all.




The Vulnerable Magician builds upon this base layer to extend into Spiderflower's wheels, moving into the territory of intimate choreography between body and earth, wo/man and the cycles of a life time.


Our biological journey through life is tuned to step in time with the cycles and spheres of life, death and rebirth found within the natural world.  We weave a phenomenal dance during our life time as we walk with the magics of creation in such powerful ways.

This deep work opens a safe space where we can revisit our story, but also provides an opportunity to lay that story against the earth, and so dance to realign and reconnect with a new, yet ancient core and empowered relationship with the landscape belonging to us, within and without.



The body is a highly sophisticated instrument gifted with specific worlds of sensate intelligence. Those sensate worlds are there for good reason, making them vital enablers and deep allies within the human condition.  We each are far more magical than we know.


This we forget.  The path can get messy.  The soul longs to flourish, yet our inner landscape must be in balance and in flow for this to happen at the most basic, cellular level. 


Through this 7 day intensive, Being Human pushes the boundaries of a dancers known reality.


Spiderflower is a deeply connective and regenerative practice.  The wheel plays a critical role as it homes into our personal choreography, finding where we are disconnect, where we need to release and in turn catalyzes an alchemy between the life-giving resources we each hold and those abundant sources existent in the outer world.


This is an opportunity to reclaim the raw, creative power resting between body, the natural world and come home to the wonderment of being human. 


All dancers attending BEING HUMAN must be known to Spiderflower as a pre-requisite and are required to complete a dedicated application form upon registration - these are sent out on request.  

Simply email contact(at)spiderflower.org stating you would like to attend in the first instance and you will be guided through the booking process.  Go to BOOKING for all practical info.

Spiderflower will contact dancers to discuss their registration once their application is received and confirm a place.  Please do not make payment until your place is firmed.

APPLICATION FOR ACCREDITATION:  BEING HUMAN: (Or the Vulnerable Magician) is the first gate into ACCREDITATION, dancers must repeat the course to gain access and start Teacher Training.  To make application, please contact Spiderflower directly.

TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Dancers!  Please make sure you read through Spiderflower's TERMS & CONDITIONS and GUIDANCE for dancers.


PAYMENT:  Dancers must secure their place with a non-returnable DEPOSIT of £100.  The remaining fee is due no later than 21 days ahead of the start date.


Please contact Spiderflower directly as payment for residential courses are taken through Transferwise only for overseas transactions on residential courses, or direct transfer within the UK.


+44 (0) 7967 430303

Or drop Spiderflower an EMAIL

Who Is Being Human For?  Being Human is designed as a foundation course, so teaches a clear set of techniques and skills. Set against THE FLOWER DRUM, which is an expressive, organic block of work - the two courses are very different, yet compliment each other. Being Human is then an important foundation for dancers wanting to gain a deeper grounding within Spiderflower, and acts as a pre-cursor to the year long foundation THE RIVER THAT FINDS US, or upon repetition, marks the start of ACCREDITATION.  


However, Being Human stands alone and is open to those who have no further investment other than this particular adventure. It acts as a great foundation as many skills are transferable, and is a real intensive on our experience in the body in relationship to creation. As it takes us very deeply into working with the human being as an instrument and the creative process - actors, lovers of dance, environmentalists, therapists, creatives - particularly those who want to effect positive change in the world and are active in doing so can all benefit from this course.  The disciplines involved will give both freedom and depth to a dancers experience.


What Experience Do I Need?  Spiderflower is rooted in professional theatre practice. Although it is impro based, we work with discipline, precision and focus. It is also a form where we are interested in and head towards performance, so the quality of our work is high.

Being Human is for dancers who have previous experience of Spiderflower, and you must be known to the work as a pre-requisite.  


Most of our time is spent in movement dialogue.  Following the group energy, the dance and land in conjunction - we devote one day to each point of the wheel.  We start 9am to dance into the night.  The dance weaves between in depth tuition on the wheel and practical sessions of earthwork.

Spiderflower’s Dance

Powerfully grounded in earth and in body, Spiderflower: Contemporary Earth Dance is impro-based, prayerful, focused and committed. It carries helpful technique and discipline within a clear, strong structure, yet, is free-form, allowing the dancer to drop into their own unique choreography.

All dancers are given pathwork and are required to prepare. 



This means hands on / feet on exercise and meditation with the land.



Silence, world class pre-recorded music and the frame drum.

Rosemerryn Wood - Lamorna - Cornwall

Our Venue For 2018

Rosemerryn Wood is an utterly gorgeous venue.  Set within its own private land, this old artists residence is surrounded by mossy woodland, streams and is home to an ancient fogou (an under ground chamber).  The house provides comfortable, spacious first class accommodation with access to a dedicated dance space.  All this - just a stones throw from the beautiful Lamorna Cove and numerous beaches in the area.  Dancers will need a wetsuit.


RAIL:  The closest train station is PENZANCE.  Spiderflower will arrange pick-ups / drop offs as dancers arrive.

AIR:  From Sweden the route well travelled is Stockholm Arlanda to London Gatwick. with Norwegian Air.  Then by train from Gatwick to Penzance.  A new route has opened from Stockholm Arlanda to Bristol International Airport with EasyJet.  This is a shorter journey, but flights are restricted to Thursday and Monday.  NEWQUAY is the closest airport, served by Flybe - but from experience the wait time between connecting flights can make for a very long journey.  Do check it out.

Rosemerryn Wood - Woodland

Rosemerryn Wood - Woodland

Rosemerryn Wood - Bedroom

Rosemerryn Wood - Bedroom

Rosemerryn Wood - Lamorna Cove

Rosemerryn Wood - Lamorna Cove

Rosemerryn Wood - Kitchen

Rosemerryn Wood - Kitchen

Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou

Rosemerryn Wood - Conservatory

Rosemerryn Wood - Conservatory

Rosemerryn Wood - Glade

Rosemerryn Wood - Glade

Rosemerryn Wood - House wisteria

Rosemerryn Wood - House wisteria

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou 2

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou 2

Dance Photography / Gemma Burleigh Photography © 2012

All rights reserved


Images from Rosemerryn Wood by courtesy of Rosemerryn Wood.

The River That Finds Us


Part 2 of Spiderflower's Foundation Starts February 2021