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The Sea

(Or The Quince, The Comb & The Water Drum)

Zennor - Cornwall

3 Day Intensive

Facilitation:  Rowan Jacqueline

Drums & Percussion:  Kirby & Afra Bell

Event Information

Percussion:  Kirby & Afra Bell - 2016.

THE SEA looks to our rhythmic relationship with the Ocean.

This is our first beginning.

Perhaps the deepest root to creation the body can remember.

Accompanied throughout with superb percussion from Kirby and Afra Bell,

we dance for long hours in a place steeped in myth and magic,

against a mirror of ancient, raw and unfathomable beauty.


The stunning headland of Zennor has an ability to exude a serene sense of peace.

 Where the blue, blue ocean thunders against the sheer rusty cliff tops -

it is intense in its wilderness.

Inside the pulse, riding the waves, we marry both internal and external landscapes to the beat of the water drum - the sea is our place of freedom, rest and exhilaration.

This is a dance of simple immersion i
nto rhythm, expansion and expression -

its regenerative nature so then waters the creative soul. 




As prayerful, powerful drummers with years of experience within African traditions, Kirby and Afra stand among the most talented and proficient percussionists in the UK.


Playing Djembe, Kpanlogo, Bourgarabou, Congas and Bata, as a duo they are Spiderflower's original percussionists and possess a deep working knowledge of the dance.  


With an ability to intuit a dancers energy and roll with the stanza's of a dance, Kirby and Afra weave an unspeakable magic as musicians.  


Kirby and Afra have worked alongside Rowan from the beginning of Spiderflower, between us we have a creative relationship that runs from 1999.

Our Percussionists

WIDE CIRCLES: THE SEA is not held in an 'closed' space. This is about movement, wide circles, expansion, landscape / seascape, so a certain amount of freedom comes with this block of work. It is for those who love the spirit of adventure as we visit various locations outside of Zennor in order to have actual contact with the sea during the course of the weekend.  It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the magic of Cornwall.

FOR MEN & FOR WOMEN:  This dance is open to men and to women aged 21 years +

START TIMES:  FRIDAY 21st JULY.  Dancers staying at The Living Well Centre may arrive from 16.00. Dance starts at Zennor 18.30.

FINISH TIMES:  SUNDAY 23rd July, 2017.  Dance closes at 16.00, we finish our time with a feast at The Living Well Centre to complete by 19.00.  Dancers are free to go from 16.00 if need be.


ACCOMMODATION: Spiderflower has good connections and sources for accommodation around the area and will be happy to assist dancers on booking.

THE DANCE: Impro based, prayerful, focused and committed Spiderflower’s dynamic dance form is powerfully grounded in earth and in body.  For more on the dance follow - THE DANCE.

THE DRUM:  Drums work to the highest standards and are carefully placed musically to shower and support dancers with a delicious melt of bass and melody.

THE EARTH:  We spend time on the land, and with the sea - allowing the body to listen and move into dialogue directly with the natural world.


Elements of earthwork are wove into Spiderflower's form.  This means hands on / feet on meditation with the beautiful land and seascape around Zennor.

Accommodation + Notes








REGISTRATION:  Is not currently open for THE SEA.  Please join the MAIL LIST to remain informed of future dates.


 Organisers are welcome to contact Spiderflower to bring this set to your area, provided the environment is appropriate. 


+44 (0) 7967 430303

Or drop Spiderflower an EMAIL

Prices & Booking


Photography:  Mermaid (Main Image) © +gABY+ 2010


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