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Foetal Two - 1

Creative content produced by Rowan Jacqueline and / or Spiderflower to include course structures and content, all writing in its various forms (poetry, articles, copy), photographic stills and film are copyright of Rowan Jacqueline Beckett / Spiderflower (1999 - 2022) unless otherwise credited to another artist or author. All rights are reserved.  


Any reproduction, redistrubtion or usage, in part or in whole of the contents created by Rowan Jacqueline and / or Spiderflower is prohibited without express written permission made via a formal release form and usage fees paid. You may not, except with express written permission via a formal release form, commercially exploit the content, nor store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

PRICING below acts as a guideline to prices where usage is granted. These figures will fluctuate depending on the nature of an agreement, the material used, in which context, for what duration and it's geographical location.  


All original content must be credited to Rowan Jacqueline and / or Spiderflower in every instance.  


Per Image:  

  • £100 per year / per placement / UK

  • £250 per year / per placement / EU

  • £350 per year / per placement / World Wide


Priced by nature of usage, duration of footage and location to be distributed. 

Examples per placement:

  • Up to 10 seconds of film - UK - £200 per year / EU - £400 per year / WW - £600 per year

  • Up to 1 minute of film - UK - £500 per year / EU - £1,000 per year / WW - £1,500 per year

  • Entire films - priced per film and in accordance to a percentage of production costs.


Articles + Poetry:

  • £250 per article / per placement / UK / In perpetuity 

  • £350 per article / per placement / EU / In perpetuity

  • £450 per article / per placement / WW / In perpetuity

Course Content:

Is not usually released outside of teacher training. Accredited teachers are granted permissions to use and teach Spiderflower's established course material.  If course content is sold on, then it is priced by the nature and duration of each usage, taking into consideration how it is to be utilised and for what reason.  Prices are likely to start at around £1,000 per day of tuition material for a limited period (i.e per course held) as a base cost and add in a percentage of profit made. 


TRADEMARK: SPIDERFLOWER is registered as a Trademark

in the UK (UK00003466287) and EU (EU018287268).


USAGE FEES CHARGED WITHOUT PERMISSIONS: Where Spiderflower either in research, writing, content, teaching structure, working titles, artwork, photography or film is used without permission, a usage fee will be liable.  Where Spiderflower's structures are used without written permission and signed off via a formal release form for personal or commercial financial gain (this includes not for profit organisations), a commercial rate of usage will automatically be charged. Damages may be claimed in addition if and when appropriate.  If an organisation or individual practitioner repeats usage after a fee has been charged, then that fee will be levied each time Spiderflower's work is exploited. 

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