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Sandra Falkeborn is a Swedish artist, ceramicist and sculptor.

She works in mixed materials, both image and sculpture, with a focus on clay and textiles. Her main artistic expression finds life through organic forms inspired by raw materials and nature.


The relationship between clay and sound have held a deep fascination for her since the beginning of her artistic journey.  Sandra also specialises in creating rattles in clay.

Over the years, Sandra's work has been inspired by several different artists.  Among others, Rowan Jacqueline with her way of relating to and working with nature and dance. Paulus Berensohn (1933-2017) ceramist and dancer, through his way of relating to clay and to life, as presented in the film: To spring from the hand. Karin Frankenstein through her artistry and way of working with clay. Margot Lindbergall and all fantastic and committed teachers and fellow students at Vårdinge village folk college.

Sandra has studied with Spiderflower since 2016. She completed Spiderflower's training for Accreditation Level 1 (Basic) in December 2022, she is due to become a mother and is currently on an extended sabbatical, prior to working through her active year of supervision.

Under Supervision

Sandra hones Spiderflower's skills and knowledge in combination with her own artistic approach

through solo art exhibition and participatory workshops in clay.


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First Cycle: September 4, 2022

NloKal, Repslagaregatan 43, floor 1, inner garden, Nyköping

My grandmother saved scraps of fabric left over from sewing clothes and curtains.

Pieces of fabric that my mother saved.

Pieces of fabric that I can now sew from.

In my sewing I see traces of my grandmother, her life and what she was like.

When I sew, I sew from her saved dreams.

When I embroider, I embroider with threads that I inherited from her.

IN MY GRANDMOTHER'S FOOTSTEPS is an interactive art exhibition making way for its audience to explore the echoes left by our grandmothers and the imprint they leave on us.

This emotional and moving body of work continues its journey to develop though a second cycle after a successful reception at NloKal in Nyköping, September 2022.

Contact sandrafalkeborn(at) for up and coming exhibition dates and venue.


Hand och Lera - sv_edited.jpg


Between Hand & Clay is a half-day course in encountering clay, suitable for adults and young adults.

The course is meditative in nature and aims to explore what happens to creation when we focus inward and let senses other than the eyes lead. The meeting between the hand and the clay is in focus, our notions and ideas about clay and shaping become secondary. We create and sculpt freely, objects formed in clay during the course are deformed after each occasion. Nothing of what is formed will be fired or saved by the course leader. Different exercises with a focus on different senses will be available as inspiration for the shaping. Each exercise is completely voluntary and intended as a help. No prior knowledge is required to participate in the course.

The course suits those who want to unwind and get in touch with the self. It is also suitable for those who want to explore free creation in clay.

The course has room for six to eight participants.


Original Clay is a one-day course focusing on man's earliest known expression in clay.


Man has been burning clay for about 30,000 years and then small female figures, so-called Venuses, were formed. Much later, we started making small vessels, sometimes with pointed feet. The focus of the course is precisely to shape small figurines or small vessels. As inspiration, there will be pictures of various historical Venuses and vessels. We will listen to different creation stories from different parts of history and the world. Each participant has the opportunity to have a figure and a vessel burned and it will be picked up at a later time after the course. No prior knowledge of clay is required to participate in the course.

The course suits you who want to unwind and get in touch with yourself. You who are interested in practical history. You who want to explore creation in clay.

The course has room for eight participants.

Contact  sandrafalkeborn(at) for up and coming workshops.

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