T h e   F l o w e r   D r u m

20 Years & Tipping Point

A unique body of work, exploring the ancient relationship

between earth, the dancer and rhythm.






28th October - 1st November

4 Day Dance Movement Intensive






The Flower Drum is an ongoing body of work dedicated to the intimate and ancient relationship between rhythm, earth and body. 


Our time is spent mostly in the dance, while the drum creates a rare level of holding, allowing a dancer to completely immerse into their journey. 


As rhythm carries the dancer - we embrace the fact we are made of the substance of earth, and so are connected to an old, old story.  


On the breath of exchange - upon the connective rhythms that bind all things - 

feet tumble forth a language of prayer - we dance in step and in time


This is a dance for those wanting to work deeply with live percussion in a dedicated space.

For those who seek a strong level of immersion into movement, without interruption.

For those who want (and need) to dance long and dance hard.

For those who can enter the silence and still ride the beat.

For those who want to connect with land - and sea - the creative flow -

and those who have walked before us 

in a pristine natural setting.


Rhythm. Connects. All things.





The Flower Drum is now in its 7th Cycle. This year, as Spiderflower celebrates its 20th year these important milestones ask us to give pause and reflect. If I look back 20 years to when Spiderflower's work first started - I would never have imagined we, as a global community, would be where we are right now with regard to climate change - and how it isn't being dealt with.


The Flower Drum 2019 works with where we are right now; as Spiderflower looks back 20 years, we also look forward to the next 20. We are at a TIPPING POINT, and so this dance for 2019 will look to this and what it means. The tide has turned - and so we must turn with it.


As always, The Flower Drum works as a watering hole to support dancers who are visionaries and change-makers in their own right.  Opening space for those who work for the wider whole - creating space to re-ground, re-orientate and re-generate.  To connect with the creative impulse on a deep level, along with the eternal support found through the natural world and good earth.  



This year, we dance at Samhain.

As a deepening and an ending.

As a seeding and beginning.



Rhythm. Connects. All things.



QUEST & PREPARATION:  By its nature, The Flower Drum drops us into our root as we are called to connect with rhythms existent in our ancestral story. In honour of the age-old instrument we work with, The Flower Drum is accompanied by a quest for the (physical) drum sitting at the root of our ancestral tree. Over time, this journey has unearthed obscure and wonderful treasure - and a perspective that needs to reach the wider whole and is currently working toward theatre production through 'TONGUES IN THE FLOWERING TREE'.


Dancers are given pathwork and are required to prepare for the dance.




EARTHWORK:  Whilst we dance in a dedicated indoor space, we are in one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Lamorna holds the magic of ages in its stones, forests, tombs and waters.  Time is spent hands-on, feet-on with the land.




PERCUSSION:  Our drummers will be announced closer to the time.


Everything within our universe is in motion and has rhythm.


Rhythm is something that repeats itself in time.

As the Moon circles the earth,

as day falls

into night,

as the breath flows,

there is a heartbeat central to all things.

In our lives,

there is also a multidimensional

flow of rhythm.

The personal rhythm of the body.

The wider rhythm of relationship in family, tribe and culture.

The intertwined rhythms of the natural and elemental worlds.

The drum is a place where these things rest together.



All things.






Rosemerryn Wood is an utterly gorgeous venue nestled in a pristine natural setting.  Within its own private land, this old artists residence is surrounded by mossy woodland, (so mossy we think we have arrived in faery), streams and is home to an ancient fogou (underground chamber).


The house provides comfortable, spacious first class accommodation, a choice between double rooms with their own en-suite bathroom, or shared singles, open fire, conservatory, a farmhouse kitchen which makes a great community space with access to a dedicated dance space situated directly on the land - just a stones throw from the beautiful Lamorna Cove and numerous sandy beaches close by.




RAIL: The closest train station is PENZANCE.  Spiderflower will arrange pick-ups / drop offs as dancers arrive.


AIR: From Sweden, the route well travelled is Stockholm Arlanda to London Gatwick. with Norwegian Air. Then by train from Gatwick to Penzance. A new route has opened from Stockholm Arlanda to Bristol International Airport with EasyJet. This is a shorter journey, but flights are restricted to Thursday and Monday. NEWQUAY is the closest airport, served by Flybe - from experience, the wait time between connecting flights can make for a very long journey. Do check it out.  Call Spiderflower if you need help planning your journey.


Dancers are asked to consider the cost to the environment with their travel.  If travelling within the UK by car - Spiderflower will happily help participants co-ordinate and car-pool.


TRAIN FROM EUROPE: Air travel, as we know, needs to phase out.  You can make the journey solely by train from mainland Europe.  The best site for routes / to buy tickets (that I know of so far): LOCO2 https://loco2.com.  Seat61 makes for a pretty comprehensive information site about train travel worldwide:  https://www.seat61.com

Rosemerryn Wood - Woodland

Rosemerryn Wood - Woodland

Rosemerryn Wood - Bedroom

Rosemerryn Wood - Bedroom

Rosemerryn Wood - Lamorna Cove

Rosemerryn Wood - Lamorna Cove

Rosemerryn Wood - Kitchen

Rosemerryn Wood - Kitchen

Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou

Rosemerryn Wood - Conservatory

Rosemerryn Wood - Conservatory

Rosemerryn Wood - Glade

Rosemerryn Wood - Glade

Rosemerryn Wood - House wisteria

Rosemerryn Wood - House wisteria

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou 2

Rosemerryn Wood - Fogou 2



Spiderflower’s Dance: Powerfully grounded in earth and in body, Spiderflower’s Dance is impro-based, prayerful, focused and committed. It carries helpful technique and discipline within a clear, strong structure, yet, is free-form, allowing the dancer to drop into their unique choreography. All dancers are given pathwork and are required to prepare.



Who is The Flower Drum? For actors, lovers of dance, the drum and of nature. For creatives and professionals. For change-makers, visionary's and innovators. The Flower Drum is designed for those who want to effect positive change in the world and are active in doing so.  If you walk a creative path - The Flower Drum can act as a watering hole to recharge, find inspiration and support.


What experience do I need? Spiderflower is a powerful form of dance, and is rooted in professional theatre practice. Although it is impro based, we work with discipline, precision and focus.  It is also a form where we are interested in and head towards performance, so the quality of our work is high. Dancers need to be aware of this; Spiderflower's workspace is NOT a space where dancers can come and 'do as they please'. 

The Flower Drum is ideally for dancers who have previous experience of Spiderflower, or have good experience in their chosen dance practice - newcomers are welcome, but need to be aware that we work to professional standards, which means listening, being able to take direction, and following that through with attention and care.

Schedule: Most of our time is spent in dance. Following the group energy, we start 9am to dance into the night.

Silence / Drums & Percussion:  Dancers please be prepared to work in silence and in-between the beat with this particular earth-tide.  Percussionists will be announced closer to the time.

Earthwork: This means hands on / feet on exercise and meditation with the land.


Community & Ethos:

All dancers please read TERMS & CONDITIONS and GUIDANCE prior to signing up.



+44 (0) 7967 430303 

or drop Spiderflower an EMAIL

Please make sure you are on the MAIL LIST

to remain informed.



Residential Prices (Inc Food + Accommodation)


  • Early Bird - £390 (Until 1st Aug)

  • Standard - £490 (1st Aug - 1st Oct)

  • Late Bird - £590 (1st - 20th Oct)


Prices are per person.  Inclusive of all meals.

Catering with the delicious Sarah Judd.



Non-Residential Prices (Course + Food only)


  • Early Bird - £290 (Until 1st Aug)

  • Standard - £390 (1st Aug - 1st Oct)

  • Late Bird - £490 (1st - 20th Oct)



Deposit:  50% of your fee on booking

(All deposits are non-refundable)






MONDAY 28th OCTOBER 2019 - (16.00)



FRIDAY 1st NOVEMBER 2019 - (11.00)





Dancers are invited to complete their registration forms in their most beautiful hand writing and send in by snail mail.  This applies to dancers in the UK and overseas.


Alternatively, find links for ONLINE REGISTRATION FORMS below.


If you choose to register by hand, EMAIL SPIDERFLOWER in the first instance to request a registration form (PDF).


Please give ample time to register and prepare for the dance.

Watch the video below to understand the registration process.


Last handwritten applications must be in by 1st SEPTEMBER, 2019.  

After this dancers please complete Online Registration.



20th OCTOBER, 2019





























Please do not make payment as yet. Once your registration is received, Spiderflower will contact you to discuss your application in every instance. After that conversation is held, dancers may make PAYMENTUpon receipt, Spiderflower will confirm your place and forward all pathwork, preparation and details.



Photography: Rowan + Drum © Gemma Burleigh Photography 2012


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